String Light Dimmer, Indoor, Electric, 100W LED Max, 6 ft Cord, Black

$28.43 $35.99


With the use of our universal string lights dimmer, easily adjust the lights to a setting of your preference. This indoor use sliding dimmer is wired to a six foot cord with a stackable type A plug. Attach the plug from your desired dimmable item to this single stackable type A plug to enjoy variable luminosity. Use only on polarized outlets and with LED, CFL and incandescent bulbs compatible with dimming. Illuminate rooms with bright lights for a holiday party, or soften the lights for an unforgettable anniversary dinner. Explore our dimmers and dimmable globe lights for your home and events!

  • Dimmer attached to plug in cord
  • Dimensions: Dimmer Box: 1.5 inch x 0.75 inch x 3.25 inch, Strand (from box connection): 6 feet
  • Feature: 3 way dimming (off, low, bright)
  • Power: 120 Volt
  • LED: 100 Watts; CFL: 100 Watts; Incandescent: 300 Watts
  • Sliding dimmer
  • Standard Type A plug (2 flat prong plug)
  • Single stackable plug
  • Grade: Indoor only
  • Color: Black

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