Natural Birch Bark Strips, 20 x 7 inch Rectangle Wood Sheets, Set of 6

This set of six natural birch bark strips can add rustic charm to any setting. Not only perfect for wedding decor, these wooden sheets can be soaked in water and curled inside vases creating unique centerpiece elements. The natural wood appeal of these rectangular strips are perfect for a beach or country wedding. The wooden sheets are approximately 20.5 inches long, 6.75 inches wide and 1/8 inch thick. Incorporate these birch bark pieces into wedding and event decor to add to any rustic or vintage decor theme. See all our natural wood decor here.

  • Birch Bark Sheets
  • Set of six
  • Each strip is 20.5 x 6.75 inches

*Please note that as in nature, each piece is unique and the appearance of the bark may vary slightly from photos. Bark may peel somewhat in transit due to the dryness of the product.

Rectangular Birch Bark Strips, natural decor

Natural Birch Bark Strips, 20 x 7

Natural Birch Bark Strips, 20 x 7

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