Lumenplay String Lights, App Enabled LEDs, 24 ft, Green Wire, Starter Kit

Personalize and customize your lights! Wirelessly enable hundreds of color combinations and a multitude of functions with our app-enabled Lumenplay™ LED 8mm dome bulb light strand starter kit. The green wire strand works in combination with the included app-enabled controller. The free Lumenplay app allows you to change the bulbs on your light strand to any color you desire and manipulate functions including brightness, speed, timer, and more. Once connected to the light strand via a bluetooth connection, your apple or android device acts as a personalized remote. Control up to 8 separate app-enabled controllers with your single smartphone or tablet device. Customize length by connecting up to 14 total light strands (13 additional light strand extensions) to a single starter kit control box (included). Create amazing light shows for birthday parties, weddings and holidays with 16 million color choices in the palm of your hand. Also available: White Wire 8mm Dome Bulb Starter Kit. (sold separately) See more on Lumenplay Personalized Light Designs.

Free Lumenplay App

  • Starter Kit: 24 ft Dome Bulb String Lights + App Enabled Controller Included
  • Compatible with both Apple and Android devices
  • See FAQs and compatible devices
  • Bulb Type: Clear Acrylic 8mm Dome Bulbs
  • Light Count: 25
  • Lighted Length: 24 ft
  • Bulb Spacing: 12 in
  • Lead Length: 33 in
  • Tail Length: 6 in
  • Wire Color: Green
  • Also available: White Wire 8mm Dome Bulb Starter Kit (sold separately)
  • Plug Type: Fused
  • End-to-End connectable: Yes, up to 13 extension strands (a total of 14 strands including starter kit)
  • Grade: Indoor / Outdoor Use
  • Power (Strand): 120 Volt, 10.6 Watt, 0.088 Amp
  • Ideas: Christmas Tree Lights, Outdoor Christmas Lights,Birthday Celebrations, Baby Showers, Event Lighting, Party Lights, Store Displays

Lumenplay App Enabled Lights

Select from pre-configured holiday color combinations or choose from 16 million colors to easily create your own unique color palette with the free Lumenplay App.

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