Low Power Controller, 10 Functions, Green

$12.91 $15.99


Our lower power controller has a total load limit of 1.8 Amps, and can control up to 1,440 lights. The green wire controller has a 6 inch lead to the power supply and 6 inch lead to strand.

The ten functions are: Steady Glow (steady), Chaser (single bulb chase), Shuffle, Starfield (single bulb fade), Ray Gun (two bulb fade), Twinkle, Sparkle (chase to dim), 123/321 (sequential fade), Shimmer (fade to dim) and Combo.

Compatible with our Commercial LED Cluster Garland Lights. (sold separately)

  • 10 Function Controller
  • Lead: 6 inches
  • Controller size: 3 inch Length x 1.75 inch Width x 0.75 inches Tall
  • Rated for Indoor and Covered Outdoor use

Low Power Controller, Multiple Functions

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