Light Up Ball, Glowing LED Orb, Multi-Function, Multi-Color, 8 inch

$47.99 $59.99


This frosty white glowing orb cycles through multiple color displays: blue, red, green and white that can be paused at full intensity, and various blended colors--turquoise, salmon, indigo and purple, to name of few--that can be paused at will, in moderate intensity, for decorative applications or enhancements. The white light can be set at a slow fade blink, or as a steady light, with the push of a button. This LED ball can be used to captivating effect in the middle of a centerpiece. Try accenting your hors d'oeuvres and banquet trays by putting the Rainbow orb in the center and surrounding with fruit, snacks or other food items.

  • Size: 8 inch diameter
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries (sold separately)
  • 8 color settings to choose from, steady color or rotating
  • Indoor / Dry Outdoor

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