UL Adaptor for Convertible Battery Box


Convert your Everlasting Glow branches from battery operated branches to electrical using this Convertible Battery Box UL Adaptor. This unit simply plugs into the Everlasting Glow battery box on one side and your outlet on the other side allowing for endless hours of branch use.

  • Length: 1.5 meters
  • Power: 4.5V-500mA IP20
    • Grade: Indoor Use only
  • Compatible with the following products:
  • 39" Natural Willow Branch GC-41656
  • 6 ft. Brown Wrapped Garland GC-41659
  • 20" Brown Branch GC-41657
  • 39" Brown Branch GC-41658
  • 20" Natural Willow Branch GC-41655
  • 39" Brown Branch with Crystals GC-41660
  • 39" White Wrapped Bendable Branch GC-41981
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