Light Up Ball, Glowing LED Orb, Floating, Remote, Multi-Color, 10 In


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This frosty white glowing orb cycles through multiple color displays: blue, red, green and white that can be paused at full intensity, and various blended colors--turquoise, salmon, indigo and purple, to name of few--that can be paused at will, in moderate intensity, for decorative applications or enhancements. This LED ball can be used to captivating effect in the middle of a centerpiece. Float in your pool or fountain, or try accenting your hors d'oeuvres and banquet trays by putting the Rainbow orb in the center and surrounding with fruit, snacks or other food items.

  • Size: 10 inch diameter
  • Power: Rechargeable, Charging Dock Included
  • Remote Included
  • Multicolor, Choose from Individual colors, or color changing
  • Indoor/Outdoor, Water Proof

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