Grapevine: Upcycled Wine Bottle Unscented Candle (Over 48 Hour Burn Time) "Rustic Elegance"


Illuminate your home with a less conventional take on the average candle. These candles are supported by upcycled containers that were created with the use of re-purposed wine bottles.The results are long-lasting unscented candles, harnessing the deep translucent green hue to cast resplendent silhouettes and shadows. With over 48 hours of burn time, this product is the ultimate accessory for any wine night. This candle also may serve as elegant home decor, tastefully adding a soft splash of color to any room in your home!

  • Candle sits in green glass jar
  • "Upcycled" from real re-purposed wine bottles
  • Burns for over 48 hours
  • Unscented
  • Perfect for gifting to wine and candle lovers!

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