Wedding Lighting Trends

4 Wedding Lighting Trends for 2018

Wedding lighting is a very underestimated part of the décor of a wedding. You can warm up a dimly lit or evening outdoor venue or you can add a nice ambiance to an already bright or naturally lit venue. 

Trends in lighting for weddings in the 2018 season are leaning toward sleek, modern, and minimalistic. 

A few simple strands of globe lights can really warm up an area and create a perfectly lit backdrop for a snapshot of the couple with their guests or partying out on the dance floor. 

Fairy lights are another great option to consider when thinking of how you can lighten up a room without having to hang anything (a great option if your venue doesn’t allow décor and/or lights to be attached to the walls or ceilings).

Curtain lights are a very versatile décor piece that you can easily customize to fit the specific theme of you wedding.

Crystal chandeliers can bring a comfortability to your wedding that can be hard to replicate with other décor items.  

Globe Lights

Globe lights are so versatile that you don’t have to compromise your unique style and vision while getting a great product that can be used not only during your special day but also repurposed and used again. 

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While LED globe lights are a little more expensive than the incandescent bulbs, you can feel confident that you will have a brighter light that remains cool to the touch, so you never have to worry about pairing a light with a fabric or hanging your lights against a wall or backdrop. LED lights are also a great option to ensure that you are using the least amount of power possible. Because LED lights only use 10% of the power that other bulbs use, they will last for much longer than a typical bulb which makes them have a great resale value. Many venues have a limited power supply that will be shared by the DJ, caterer, and other vendors. LED lights are a great option for any venue and can give you peace of mind because you won’t have to worry about fuses being blown or sharing the power source with another vendor. 

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights come in many different lengths and colors, so you can make sure that your lights match the vision and theme of your wedding.

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Both plug-in and battery-operated fairy lights are a great option depending on how you are planning to use them. Battery-operated fairy lights are perfect for vases, mason jars, or wine bottle centerpieces, while plug in fairy lights make a great option for an aisle runner or lit curtains. You can rest easy knowing that your LED lights have a very long battery life and will not go out in the middle of your special day. They also have a thin, bendable, and waterproof wire that makes it so easy to put together your centerpieces and just turn them on! 

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Curtain Lights

A curtain light backdrop is an easy way to create a romantic flow throughout your wedding. Hang a curtain behind your arch/altar to create an almost gazebo-like effect or add a curtain light behind your head table with some greenery for a more woodsy and whimsical look.

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Another great use of a curtain light is for your photobooth, the lights make for the perfectly lit pictures day or night and will draw your guests in with the warm and inviting feel it brings to any space. You will never have to worry about lights overheating or fabric or florals burning with the LED curtain lights. You can just plug them in and walk away! 


Adding a crystal chandelier above your head table or over your altar can make people feel as though they are celebrating with you in an intimate gathering no matter how large your guest list is. 

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Weddings are leaning more and more towards the experience that the bride and groom has with their guests rather than the takeaway of the wedding. Couples are looking to recreate home-like scenes to make sure everyone is comfortable and having the best possible time. Setting up a mock living room complete with chairs, rugs, throw pillows and chandeliers is not only a nice place for people to relax and get away from the large crowd, but can also double as a photo op for you and your guests. 

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The options are endless in what you can do to brighten up your perfect wedding day and to make your vision into a reality!

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