Tutorial: How to Hang Mason Jars

When I was growing up, Mason jars (and all the goodies canned inside) were shunned to a cold closet in the basement. However, times are a-changing and they’re tired of being in the background and are ready to make a statement up front and center. The sturdy, durable, yet rustic-chic jars are now a staple in home, garden, and wedding décor.

This quick and easy tutorial shows how to hang Mason jars from shepherd’s hooks, or anywhere else your heart desires.  Do you have any methods that work for you? Let us know in the comments section!

Items You'll Need:

  •  Shepherd’s hook
  •  Mason jar
  •  Flameless Tea light Candle or Real Tea Light Candle
  •  Vase Filler (optional)
  •  Ribbon

1. Fill the Mason jar with whatever fits your fancy. It’s easier to do this beforehand so all the jars can have the same consistency and same amount of filler inside. Choose a corresponding ribbon and measure length. I used about 2-2.5 feet of ribbon for a 30-inch tall shepherd’s hook (the jar hung about 6 inches), but use your judgement and what look you’re going for.

2. Fold the ribbon in half. Measure how low you want the jar to hang from the hook, Add three inches and tie a knot (the three inches is for wiggle room, plus it takes a little bit to tie knots). I used the official-sounding shoelace knot, but if you want a sturdier knot feel free.

3. Fit the ribbon around the mouth of the Mason jar and tie another knot, keeping it snug. Evenly spacing knots will minimize lopsidedness. Tying the knots nice and cozy will make sure the mason jar doesn’t slip out of the harness

4. The jar should look like it has two streamers coming out the sides of the top. Bring both pieces up and tie a knot to determine how high or low the jar rests from the hook

5. The ribbon can be left in a knot or tied into a bow.

6. Enjoy!

What are some ways you’d like to dress up your jars? Let us know!

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