The Deco Cube: A Versatile Core to Centerpieces

In a world of commercial shopping “seasons” we’re reminded to purchase our Halloween decorations come August. By October, Thanksgiving and Christmas décor is abundant. As soon as December 25th arrives, it’s out with Christmas and in with Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. In a world of commercial shopping seasons we’re constantly reminded to spend, spend, SPEND! Wouldn’t it be nice if they designed décor items that were festive but versatile so that we might limit the spending? I have just the thing. It’s called the Deco Cube. The deco cube is designed to look like a large illuminated ice cube. With five different color modes it’s easy to create unique centerpieces that with a little embellishment, will add festive illumination to any event or home décor no matter the season. Keep reading to see how I used the same deco cube to create five different table centerpieces for five different holidays and events. 

With five different color modes the options are endless for what type of centerpiece you can create. The white setting on the deco cube however, is perfect for creating wedding centerpieces and offers a more subtle lighting effect.


Placed in an oversized shallow glass bowl filled with clear glass gem vase fillers, and embellished with some white fairy lights wrapped in tulle, beaded garland helps add an elegant finish to a quick, easy and affordable wedding centerpiece.

The best thing about this centerpiece is that many of the components can be reused to create festive centerpieces for almost any holiday.

Simply exchange the silver and pearl garland for a red one to create a Christmas centerpiece that can also be used for Valentines Day, or if one of your wedding colors is red, why not use the red garland for that as well? You can also exchange the color of fairy lights that you wrap in tulle to create an even more colorful display. Pink is also a beautiful choice for Valentines Day and can be used again for Easter.

If you're looking for a more vibrant light display, simply switch between the other four color modes of the deco cube to choose the one that best suits your needs. Green works well for Halloween, Christmas, and St. Patrick's Day and red works well for Christmas and Valentines Day, wheras the blue setting can be combined with a red beaded garland and white fairy lights to create a patriotic display. The color-changing mode is ideal for any event in which you need a truly colorful and eye-catching table centerpiece. 

As you can see, the deco cube is a unique, affordable and versatile decorative option that can be displayed all year long. It looks great on its own and with a little help can be made even more beautiful. It doesn't have to break the bank either. You most likely already have materials hidden in those junk drawers of yours that you can use to embellish it. What are you waiting for? It's time to see what you can create with your Deco Cube!

Watch the video below to see how the deco cube operates including all five of the color modes.

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