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Get the Most Life out of Your Lights!

There is a time and place for all types of lights. However, if you are looking to reuse and get the best possible lifespan out of your purchase, consider upgrading to the sets that will give you the biggest bang for you buck. This becomes particularly important when you are hanging lights in hard to reach areas where pulling out a ladder is pretty impractical.


Initially LED bulbs are more expensive than their incandescent alternatives. They will quickly make up for it though when you consider that LED bulbs use only 10% of the electricity that incandescent bulbs do. They also last on average more than 3 times longer (if not a lot more than that!). You wont have to replace those bulbs nearly as often. See our LED Globe Light and String Light Collection.

LED String Lights also allow you to go the distance. Since Incandescent bulbs use so much more power, they usually cannot go long lengths without needing a new power source. Typically incandescent lights are going to have a max distance of 100 ft or less.  LED bulbs can go way longer, so if you only have one plug, make sure to go LED. 
Don’t like the Icy LED look? We carry many warm white LED bulbs that come with all of the pros of LED, and have the warm white light hue that is designed to mimic an incandescent bulb. 

Go Commercial Grade

Upgrade your wire choice to commercial grade. This is particularly important if you will be leaving your string lights outside for longer than a season. Standard grade globe lights though are outdoor, are intended to be used for a season, and then taken down until that season comes around again. Commercial grade strands come with weather resistant plastic, higher gauge wires, and a socket that hugs your lightbulb preventing water exposure and rust.

Go Acrylic

Often times the main cause of replacing bulbs isn’t because they burnt out, but because the glass has broken. Get rid of that problem with our shatterproof LED Acrylic bulbs.  This is especially suggested when you are hanging lights above or near a pool, or where bare feet roam so that you never have to worry about broken glass.

Go Indoor/Outdoor

ven if your initial reason for string lights is an indoor event, go with a strand that is indoor and outdoor so that you are never limited in the future. Strands that are outdoor rated are typically made a little more sturdy and are going to last you longer. 

Use a Guide wire

Add a guide wire to your strand when hanging them across spaces. The guide wire significantly reduces the amount of strain that is put on a stringer. It has the bonus effect of reducing your droop, meaning you will need less globe lights to cover your space. Click here to see out 60 foot and 110 foot guide wire.

Choose Plug In

Sometimes needing a battery operated string light is unavoidable. But when you can, choose plug in over battery operated, especially when using in your seasonal/long term decor. Your will find that not having to worry about your battery life will be a weight off your mind!

Choose Dimmable

Give yourself the ability to choose how bright you want your globe lights with dimmable bulbs. Some events cause for different atmospheres, and you wont want to change our your bulbs. Start off with dimmable bulbs so that you can get the most out of your lights!

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