More Than a Wedding ... A Big Fake Wedding

More Than a Wedding ... A Big Fake Wedding

Have you ever been to a wedding where the guests were the bride and groom?

What about a ceremony where no one gets married (and we aren't referring to a "runaway bride" scenario)?

Neither have we! But we're about to ...

The Big Fake Wedding is just that: big and fake! This gathering is an alternative bridal show promoting local wedding vendors, and allowing the opportunity to witness, first hand, the transformation they can create in your wedding.

Everything at this event appears as it would in a real wedding: there is a bride, a groom, an altar, and even a minister.

So why aren't these people actually getting married? Because they already are!

One married couple per event is chosen for a vow renewal ceremony, including traditional marriage rituals such as walking down the aisle, exchanging rings and reciting vows (we might recommend a tissue for these heartfelt moments). Happening year round throughout the country, each city's event boasts a roster of local artisans, and is designed around a distinct theme.

More Than a Wedding ... A Big Fake Wedding

After the inspiring ceremony, guests can attend the reception (a dance party, of course) and start scanning the room for their favorite accents, flavors and decorations.

Who are the guests, you ask?

Real brides and grooms attending to experience all the potentials for their own weddings. Luckily for them, there are rooms full of businesses that specialize in weddings.

Everything (and we mean everything) is contributed by local vendors to compose this fairytale event. The invitations, the photography, the dress ... the cake! And of course, our specialty: lights and decor (we'll talk more about that later).

The Tunnel of Love - rightly named - leads to a vendor hall where brides and grooms can meet the business owners and discuss the buzz: weddings. This is where the magic happens.

Guests gush about wedding plans while vendors offer advice. Plenty of munchies (provided by potential caterers) are passed around and a light meal is enjoyed.

So what is our role here? Lights For All Occasions is providing lights and decor for the wedding while also setting a concepted reception table to suit this year's local theme ... 

More Than a Wedding ... A Big Fake Wedding

And are we ever excited about the theme! Drum roll please ... May we introduce Neon Lights + Acrylic Daze!

More Than a Wedding ... A Big Fake Wedding


Bright colors, geometric patterns, and a vibrant party vibe that we can't help but love! 

In anticipation for the event, we've compiled a category to introduce our interpretation of the Big Fake Wedding theme. Playful Geometry is bold in color and takes modern geometric design in an elegant direction. Check out this collection for your party and wedding preparation!

More Than a Wedding ... A Big Fake Wedding

More Than a Wedding ... A Big Fake Wedding

More Than a Wedding ... A Big Fake Wedding

If you are a bride, groom or even wedding planner, tickets are available for this event. The Big Fake Wedding in Seattle happens October 13, 2016. We can't wait to see you there and celebrate one Big Fake Wedding with you!

More Than a Wedding ... A Big Fake Wedding

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