itsJudysLife Surprise Date Night!

Not too long ago, Benji of itsJudysLifeapproached us to help him throw an amazing surprise date night for his wife. Being so busy with newborn twins, it had been a while since he put together a romantic evening for just the two of them. 

Our role in this was the setting: with our YouTube star Sarah at the helm, we designed the look. 

Benji's role was simple: stun his wife with an unforgettable and romantic evening. He succeeded!


He joined Sarah in several videos where he and Sarah show viewers how everything came together, from the fairy light lanterns to our marquee-style arrow chalkboard sign to the wall of globe lights he loved so much. See the first of these videos below and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see more!


While we filmed our DIY videos showing how we created the look for the evening, his crew filmed the stunning footage you see in this spectacular teaser and date night video.

We were totally honored to have been asked to be a part of Benji and Judy's date night, and we hope you enjoy their video as well as our DIY videos that show you how we created this amazing look for their romantic evening. And, if you are curious to know what we used from our store that night, you can see all of them here.

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