Illuminate Your Memorial Day

Growing up, Memorial Day was a sign that summer vacation was almost here. It was a milestone indicator that all the hard work at school was about to pay off in a long break. As I’ve gotten older I’ve had friends go into the armed forces, or made friends with those that have served, and it’s changed my perspective on Memorial Day. Thankfully no one I know has died while serving, but the holiday weekend allows a designated memorial time for all those who have passed in service. It’s a time to reflect and be grateful for the freedom that we have, and for those that have provided that freedom for us. 

Memorial Day is also the unspoken summer kick-off weekend. It’s a time traditionally spent with friends and family with the anticipation of warm nights and sunscreened summer days ahead. We would spend it with a family that had kids similar in age to my siblings and me. Card games, lawn games, and yummy food were staples.

Some neighborhoods have American flags lining the streets during designated holidays. Some neighbors hang flags in their windows. If space is limited for you, this American flag window decoration is a patriotic addition to your decoration arsenal. Self-contained with everything you’d need to display in any window, these flags also include suction cups for easy hanging.

If the weather was nice we’d set up dining and eating tables outside. The porch light did its job, but more lighting definitely would have made it easier to see those Phase 10 reference cards. Setting up outdoor string lightsare an easy way to give more light without attracting moth swarms. These beautiful hanging lights have snug PVC-encapsulated socket fits that are resistant to both weather and sun exposure, so they’re suitable to leave up all summer long.

Sometimes the only thing to spoil a good soiree is a warm drink. However, lighted colored ice cubes keep your drink cold without diluting whatever you’re drinking. It’s a win-win. Non-toxic FDA approved plastic contains a refreezable gel that keeps your drink nice and cold. The Litecube even has a battery-operated light that blinks or shows a steady light at the touch of a button. These can be used in drinks, punch bowls, swimming pools (although it might not keep the pool very cold) or any other endless possibility you think of. 

My favorite Memorial Day (or any party snack) is Snicker Salad. It’s delicious and so easy to make. And anything with the word “salad” in it has to be healthy and guilt-free, right?

Here’s the recipe:

4-6 apples of different varieties

1-2 Snicker bars

1 tub (8-12 oz, depending on how big the salad) Cool Whip

Dice apples and Snicker bars. Mix with cool whip. Eat.

What are some of your favorite Memorial Day traditions? Let us know in the comments section. 

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