How to Use Lights to Illuminate Your Wedding

Sounds of Pachelbel’s Canon are sure to be streaming in as wedding season nears. It doesn’t matter the theme of the wedding; the most important part is the sharing of nuptials and the joining of two lives into one. A good friend of mine got married this past weekend after months of planning and scheduling, and it paid off in a happy, vibrant occasion with lots of delicious pie. 

There are so many sources for getting and organizing ideas: PinterestHuffPost weddings, and celebrity weddings happening on the regular provide so many decorative and ceremonial ideas it’s hard to narrow it down. Once you have ideas pared down, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to go from that. Whatever you decide to do, remember to take a deep breath and enjoy the party. It’s your big day and it’ll have your personal touch and flair to it while you share the best moment of your life. We’re here to help make your big day as stress-free as possible while maintaining the vision you had for it. Keep reading for some ideas of how to incorporate lights into your big day.

Whether you use string lights chandeliers, or use noon-day sun, seeing everyone’s faces and getting optimum camera lighting is a necessity. Mid-day ceremonies will obviously get the most lighting out of the sun’s rays, but there are ways to capitalize on lighting situations during other times of the day.
String lights create a cozy setting that can be customizable to have a more rustic, indie, or nostalgic feel to them, depending on the other decorations you have. Overhead lights also help to partition off specific spaces. Lights can be strung over eating spots and left open over dancing squares, hung over the food table and open sky setting the boundary for the eating quarters, or a multiple of other scenarios depending on the layout of your venue.
Decorative lights highlight specific areas such as floral displays, drink dispenser stands, or photos of the happy couple. Battery operated lights are often best for these decorations as they don’t require an extension cord or outlet, and the battery pack can be discreetly tucked out of sight. Different bulb tips give subtle differences in how the light shines, creating unique displays.
Accent lighting around walkways, covering gazebo arches, or around any decorations or food tables you want to highlight subtly informs guests that there are places of interest at the wedding. It provides a way to direct their attention without detracting from the ambiance of the special occasion. 
Lanterns are an age-old way to illuminate the festivities and to shine a lot of light in one spot. Larger lanterns can easily be hung on hooks or brackets, smaller ones can easily be strung or placed to illuminate walkways or aisles, and lightweight ones can be hung overhead to give the illusion of a more intimate setting while maintaining the broad expanse of the venue of your choice. Traditionally lanterns housed candles; however,battery operated candles,string lights, or even tinsel can be used inside of lanterns depending on the décor theme. 
Flameless LED candles won’t make you breathe in fragrances or soot, and they can be reused for other occasions. The risk of them tipping over and spilling melted wax is also at zero percent, and they maintain their original shape as the wax doesn’t melt down
The LED lights are also a wise alternative; they also don’t get as hot as traditional light bulbs, allowing for a safer environment around your other decorations (those darling paper lanterns have a much lower chance of catching fire with LED bulbs.) 

Lights for All Occasions is excited to offer a wide selection and arrangement of lights to give you exactly what you’re looking for in one stop. We wish you happy congratulations as you consider the multitude of ways lighting can make your special day even more unique and special.
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