How to Illuminate Paper Lanterns Wirelessly

The beauty and simplicity of paper lanterns makes them an ideal choice for enhancing your wedding, party and special events, as well as every day home decor. While there are many ways to illuminate paper lanterns with wired lights, including electric cords for lanterns and string lights, there are times when wires can get in the way, or you would just prefer to illuminate them wirelessly. In these instances battery operated LED lantern lightsprovide the perfect solution. Just hang the lantern light from the paper lanterns upper wire framework, flip the conveniently located on/off switch, and you're set. 

1. Centerpieces

 Paper lanterns make beautiful centerpieces at weddings, parties and special events. Combine them into a bouquet held up by bamboo or other support and place them in a vase, mix them in with flowers on a platter or decorative base, or place one in the center of the table for simple elegant lighting as a standalone piece or embellished with flowers. 


2. Overhead Lighting and Decor

Paper lanterns provide soft lighting at weddings, parties and special events. Take the paper lantern bouquet centerpiece to the next level. Using long bamboo or other support, create a bouquet of paper lanterns that hover above the table. You can also hang paper lanterns from the ceiling or overhead trees at an outdoor wedding. Another terrific idea is to attach paper lanterns with ribbon to the outside edge of chairs or benches that align a wedding aisle or columns that align a dance floor. Rose ball flower lanterns provide extra decorative appeal for your party and wedding decor.

3. Every day Decorating

Paper lanterns make for unique every day decor. Bundle and hang them from the ceiling above a reading chair, attach them to strings of beads lining the wall over a headboard, or use as a night stand light. Star shaped lanterns provide a warm evening glow to any room. Lanterns also make for beautiful banister decoration. Popular for party and holiday decor, this idea can be carried year through with a selection of solid or patterned lanterns. 

No matter how you incorporate paper lanterns into your home decor, wedding decorations or party and special event enhancements, battery operated LED lantern lightsare the perfect wireless illumination solution.

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