How to Hang Outdoor Globe String Lights

Globe lights are a beautiful way to add light to outdoor settings!

When displayed long term, commercial grade globe string lights are the perfect choice as they are heavy duty and weather resistant. This means, however, that a strand of commercial grade lights is heavier than your average strand.

If using outdoor globe string lights to line roof lines or beams, it's not an issue, but if you wish to display your globe lights over an open area, the weight of the strand may begin to sag. Especially if displayed over a long period of time.

The solution is to hang them with a globe light suspension kit which offers reinforcement to the wire, creating a more stable light display.

  • Globe Light Suspension Kits:
  • 60 Foot Suspension Kit
  • 110 Foot Suspension Kit
    These are perfect for any of the following:
  • Commercial Grade Globe Lights
  • Patio & Bistro Lights
  • 100 Foot Globe Lights
  • 50 Foot Globe Lights

These galvanized steel cables support 100 pounds of weight and are available in a 60 foot length and 110 foot length. Excess cable can then be trimmed from the end if the full length isn't needed. Each kit comes with an attached snap hook and a loose cable clip that allows you to adjust how taut your wire is, determining how much droop there will be to your globe lights. Weather resistant, this suspension kit is intended for more permanent installation as it requires the installation of hardware. This makes it perfect for use in cafes, bistros, outdoor living areas and the like. Although best suited for long-term use, it can also be used for events, so long as you're able to securely install any needed hardware.

The first step in these simple DIY instructions on hanging your globe string lights is to determine the length of light strand you're going to display so you know which length cable you'll need. Once that has been determined, you need to decide what structures you're going to use to support your cable so you can install any needed hardware.

The easiest way to use the attached snap hook is with an eye bolt (not included). An eye bolt can be installed under the eves of a house, into a sturdy tree, or the support beams of a deck. You can also build your own posts and place them where needed, so long as they're able to support the weight of the light strand.

The cable can also be wrapped around poles and joists and then secured by closing the snap hook around the cable. However you choose to install the snap hook end of the cable, you want to make sure it can support the weight of your light strand.

 Once you've attached the snap hook, it's time to attach the cable to the wire of your string lights. Some commercial grade string lights come with built in holes for hanging. If this is the case, simply feed the cable through the holes of the wire, as pictured below.

If your globe string lights aren't designed with holes for hanging, simply attach the wire to the cable using zip ties, preferably in a color that coordinates with the color of your string light wire

NOTE: If you're hanging your string lights in anything other than a straight line, such as the perimeter of your patio or in a zig zag pattern over an open area, you can't attach the cable to your wire all at once. This is because at each point where the cable meets a post or a wall in which it needs to be secured in order to create your desired design, the cable needs to be fed through another eye bolt. This can't be done if the cable is already attached to the wire. So if displaying your lights in a way that it meets more than two support locations, you must attach the wire and cable section by section.

Once you've attached the steel cable to the wire of your string lights, it's time to hang them by using the loose cable clip. To use the cable clip, feed the cable through the hole on one side of clip. It doesn't matter which side. Then wrap the cable around the object it's going to be hung from whether another eye hook, a tree or a post. You then feed the cable through the other side of the cable clip, as pictured below. The cable clip has a release button that when pushed, allows you to tighten or loosen your cable, allowing you to control just how much sag there is in your light strand.

If you're looking for a great way to illuminate your outdoor living areas, globe string lights are one of the best options, and now you can create a sturdy year-long display by hanging them with this galvanized steel cable.

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