How to Choose Your Wedding Theme

I think the key to a cohesive and perfectly assembled wedding is choosing and executing a wedding theme that suits your personal style and interests. This creates the vision for your wedding day. In this post we will go over some tips on how to choose and achieve your wedding theme.


To begin the process of choosing the theme of your wedding, sit down and think about what your perfect day would be like: Which season do you see your future spouse walking down the aisle in? Do you prefer an indoor or outdoor ceremony? What time of day do you want to have your ceremony? Write all these ideas down in a wedding notebook or binder and start to compile all of your ideas and thoughts. 


After creating your budget and visualizing the foundation of your wedding, you should begin the search for your venue. After securing your venue you will find it much easier to narrow down the theme of your wedding because some of your ideas may not be suited for the venue you end up choosing. Think about small things like carpet and wall colors, building materials, what type of foliage is around, and the amount of light you will have. An indoor ceremony in a location that has red or black carpet with minimal natural light would look much better with a neutral color scheme than one with bright colors. Think about how your theme could be the most cohesive with your venue. 

Vision Board

Once you have chosen the date, time, and venue for your wedding you can create a ‘Vision Board’ either on a website like Pinterest or by printing and cutting items from magazines and creating yourself a wedding binder. You can compile all your ideas here to see if they hold to your theme. Add colors, textures, décor, attire, and accessories to this board to see what styles and items that you think work the best with your vision. 

Color Scheme

Choosing the color scheme of your wedding day is such a big part of your overall theme. Make sure to think about the things we went over in the visualization section when choosing your colors- what your venue looks like, the season and the time of day your wedding will be held. You can get your color inspiration anywhere, so if you see something you like snap a picture of it so you can look back on it! There are websites such as and  that are great for looking up different colors and seeing which colors work well together. Start with one or two main colors that you like and then add accent and neutral colors that complement the main colors. A few popular color schemes from this season are black, white & gold, multiple shades of blue, vintage red & peach, ultra violet & purple, dark blue & mauve, champagne & wine, and off-white & greenery. 

To DIY or not to DIY

Once you know what style and theme you are going for you can decide which items you want to DIY and which you would prefer to buy. DIY-ing things for your wedding is a great option for simple and personalized things to ensure that your day is unique and very personal. Just make sure that you don’t stress yourself out by taking on too much DIY! 

Look up the items you are wanting to DIY and calculate whether or not you can save money by doing it yourself to ensure that you don’t waste your money or your precious time! You can also price-match items that you think you want to purchase to find the best deal. There are so many great local places to search for items you need, whether it is something small or in bulk! Facebook buy/sell/swap pages have become increasingly popular and there are many pages specific to wedding and event items, this is a great way to purchase items from local people or to even sell your items after your wedding day! Another great place to look for décor items/linens/cutlery/serving ware etc. is on sites such as OfferUp or Etsy. These are great to look through and find items that are nearly new, vintage, or handmade. Thrift stores are great to find items that are unique to your theme and possibly may not be able to be re-created! 

Once you have all of these things chosen you will have your final theme and will be one step closer to your perfect wedding day! 


By Madii Ensz

Madii is a barista and wedding coordinator from the Pacific Northwest. After planning her own wedding in 2014, she decided to go to school to learn how to be a professional wedding coordinator and planner. She is an expert when it comes to the wedding industry and enjoys researching upcoming wedding trends and styles.

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