How to Change Up Your Existing Lights for the Holidays

Have you begun to amass a large amount of string lights, but don’t have the space? Globe lights provide the perfect base for all your lighting needs because the bulbs are interchangeable. Install your lights at the beginning of the season, and just change the bulbs depending on the holiday. 

 Clear Bulbs

Purchase clear bulbs for a classic base design. You really can never go wrong with having clear lights. 


Choose a bulb that has a special finish to let your lights shine during the day. Where clear bulbs allow the light to disperse and light an entire area, bulbs with a non-translucent finish will focus the light, allowing the bulbs themselves to shine even during the day!


Swap out your clear summer light set to seasonal colors to match your decor! Put up some yellow, orange and red bulbs to light up your fall! Put up orange and purple lights to make your Halloween decor truly stand out. Pop in some multi-color lights to get into the Christmas spirit!

Sports Colors

Show your support for your favorite team by shining out their colors! 


Upgrade your light set to LED. Your energy bill will thank you, as LED bulbs use only 10% of the electricity of their incandescent counterparts. LED bulbs are long lasting, and don’t have to be replaced nearly as often as incandescent.

Bonus Tip

Are you having trouble with bugs spoiling your outdoor fun? Choose cool white LED ... it’s the hardest light they can sense, decreasing the amount of flying pests!
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