Host a Designer Thanksgiving

4 Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable Holiday Event

Rich with color, resplendent in metallics, and featuring a contemporary rustic aesthetic, our Harvest Idea Lookbook is an overture to designer Thanksgiving style. We've blended the warmth of weathered heirloom accents with the crisp lines of the mechanical age to conjure our favorite trend of the season: Modern Industrial chic. 

1. Build a Palette

With fall comes a sweet woodland essence, crisp leaves and nature's extraordinary changing colors. Nothing reminds us more of the autumn season than a luxurious mix of reds, browns, oranges and greens; this year, we've combined these bold hues with our new seasonal color of choice: pewter. From dramatic lace table runners to corrugated tin vases, pewter is the perfect neutral to accentuate our table. It offers a smooth contrast to the rich colors abundant in autumn’s nature.

Product Highlight:

  • Balance your table: add your boldest red sparingly as table accent, using such items as taper candles and lifelike decorative berries for pops of color.

 2. Style with Heirloom Accents

One key to forging a banquet in this style is the celebration of the past. We've incorporated pieces inspired by history to highlight this inviting industrial scheme. Drawing in lace table runners, mercury glass candle holders, corrugated tins, and smart combinations of wood and metal, we choose heirloom inspiration with a contemporary twist to enhance our table setting.

Product Highlights:

  • Weathered pieces, such as our corrugated ribbon, add an elegant aged look.
  • Lace is a staple of vintage, but by using a different neutral such as pewter, it gains a modern edge.
  • Distressed wood items, like our decorative ladder, formally hearken the past but functionally play an unexpected role.
  • Mercury glass candlesticks take its traditional form in a gold tinted direction.


3. Mix and Match

Industrial chic strikes the perfect balance between modern and aged decor, juxtaposing favored weathered materials with clean, modern design ... maybe that’s why industrial chic style is in such timeless fashion.

Product Highlight:

  • Our clear glass double walled vases perfectly capture this blend of warm rusticity and crisp simplicity--just use fall colored faux berries and glass fillers to complement these sleek containers.
  • The geometric form of our tumblers weighs gorgeously against the intricate design of our lace table runners.


4. Prepare a Menu Board

Prepare the feast. To complete your designer Thanksgiving, build anticipation for your decadent dishes by presenting a menu to your guests. Elegantly label a large chalkboard sign using assorted fonts that address the meal to be served. With the addition of mini globe string lights, this sign becomes a welcoming and festive focal point.

Product Highlight:

  • Don’t forget the essentials for this sign! A chalkboard that stands out with weathered wood edges perfectly coordinates with Industrial Thanksgiving decor. Chalk should be used to outline the letters while chalkboard markers fill in; this ensures that the letters are crisp and stand out against the background. Choose from a variety of string lights to personalize this masterpiece. Check out our blog post and video on chalkboard lettering for the best tips and tricks!
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