Holiday Entertaining Made Easy!

When it comes to the holiday season, hosting and entertaining guests is where it’s at!

Everyone loves a great holiday get-together, so for our third Christmas DIY, we’re putting together a few looks for you that will help make your holiday entertaining nice and easy.

Not much to DIY in this one, outside of getting creative with your tasty cheese and cracker displays. For the DIYers out there, we've added a bonus DIY Natural Candle Holder step-by-step how-to below.

Modern Rustic Decor for Holiday Entertaining

Pair our food-safe cheese boards in slate and acacia wood with upcycled wine bottle candle holders and modern rustic decorative embellishments for a rich, elegant look perfect for the holidays! Add a few strings of warm white fairy lights and pen some jovial sayings on our chalkboard bottle necklaces to be all set for a classy holiday get-together!

Urban Forest Decor for Holiday Entertaining

For our second look, we’re hopping on one of this year’s hot trends. Natural décor continues to be popular this year and people are using it in Christmas décor too! Pair the warm ambiance of candle lights with naturals of birch discs, lighted grapevine balls, birch paper wraps then add in faux-antler ornaments. Bring the look together with our burlap and wood round place mats! Here’s what we recommend if you’re looking to go natural this holiday season…

Create a Colorful DIY Candle Holder Perfect for that Natural Look

In the Urban Forest look above, we used a square glass candleholder showing a floral arrangement in lovely fall colors. Here’s another easy DIY project to make a cool splash during your holiday entertaining. This DIY candle holder will become the talk of the party!

What You'll Need

  • • Our 4" Square Glass Candle Holder
  • • Our 5" Square Glass Candle Holder
  • • A set of our Birch Bark Strips
  • • Our Roly Poly Candles or a Votive Candle of your choice
  • • Food Coloring in the color of your choice

How To Create Your DIY Candle Holder

1. Cut the Birch Strip to Length

Measure and cut our birch bark strip to length. It should overlap slightly when wrapped around our 4-inch glass candle holder. TIP: For easiest handling, soak your birch strip in water for at least 20 minutes to soften stiff fibers...this will make it a cinch to wrap sharp corners!

2. Cut Your Design of Choice

We cut out a heart. Other ideas include Trees (great for Christmas!) or a winter-perfect snowflake. We used a sharp knife like a box cutter or X-acto knife.

3. Assemble the Candle Holder

Wrap the small candle holder with the birch and insert it into the large candle holder.

4. Add Colored Water

In a measuring cup, add the food coloring of your choice to some water. Pictured above, we used red to complement the heart. For a Christmas tree, you could use green. For a snowflake, blue would look great!

Once added, pour the water between the two candle holders, keeping the inside of the 4-inch candle holder nice and dry.

5. Insert Your Candle

Insert your roly poly candle, light it, and voila! You’re done!

We would love to see how you're using our products to entertain this holiday season. Post your best photo on our Facebook page featuring our products at your holiday get-together, or Tweet us your picture. You can also tag #lightsforall in an Instagram post. As appreciation, we will pass along a coupon code for $15 off your next online order with us!

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