Glowing Ideas for Outdoor Lights that Make Losing Daylight Worth It

As we welcome Daylight Savings time and officially transition away from long summer days to crisp fall nights, we long for the sparkle and warm glow of outdoor lights to prolong our outdoor living and keep the nights alive.  Here are some hands down favorites for parties, weddings and outdoor decorations that bring the twinkle of the stars a little closer. 

Globe String Lights


Hang globe lights taut and they give the ambiance of a fine dining restaurant.  With a little lag, they have the more relaxed feel of an outdoor cafe or are perfect for that hilltop wedding.  However you hang them, globe string lights (also called cafe lights or bistro lights), create a very distinct urban-chic feel.  Use opaque glow bulbs for a more quiet glow, or clear globe bulbs to make a statement that the party has started and there is fun to be had

Use opaque glow bulbs for a more quiet glow, or clear globe bulbs to make a statement that the party has started and there is fun to be had.  


And, when it comes to choosing Christmas party lights, globe string lights are a natural choice since they can mimic the look of Christmas tree ornaments.


String lights


String lights are that little black dress that just seems to go with everything.  They are festive and versatile in their many combinations of colors, settings, bulb shapes, lengths, and placement options (plug in or battery operated).  String lights can add an instant decorative look when they frame doorways, fences, or structures, or are wound around balconies, gazebos, trees or planters.  Or, simply place the string lights in a mason jar or glass vase for that extra sparkle.  Rice lights are especially popular right now due to their antique look and vintage glow.  There really is no wrong way to use string lights.


Lighted branches
 andfairy lights


For those classy occasions when you want elegance, such as a cocktail or holiday party, or more formal winter wedding, lighted branches and twig lights can be the perfect complement to existing foliage, or create their own drama in a planter, vase or as part of a centerpiece.  Fairy lights (small LED lights on bendable wire) can provide a similar look and have an added element of romance and magic.

Pillar candles

For a more intimate occasion, pillar candles are a great choice.  A solitary candle, or clusters of different size pillar candles, are ideal for quiet, romantic dinners for two, or casual gatherings of friends and family.  The soft flicker of pillar candles makes for a comfortable, relaxing space.  And there is no need to compromise the look and feel of a fire burning wax candle with the amazing technology of LED and battery operated candles.  See for yourself in this video.  And, of course, the big advantage of battery operated candles (aside from safety) is that they do not blow out, so you will have all the soft candlelight you need to keep your night light glowing


Spice up your holiday party, wedding or patio lighting with hip, stylish lanterns. These playful lights can add bold color and fun, and will appeal to the artistic, contemporary crowd. However you choose to use them, have fun with them but be mindful that some lanterns are made of paper and may not be ideal for outdoor use.

Holiday parties, weddings or everyday use- there is always a good reason to incorporate outdoor lighting.  Tell us your must have outdoor lighting favorites and how you use them!

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