Gift Ideas to Encourage Quality Time with Dad

The only thing my dad has ever put on any wish list is this: A quarter inch drill bit. Father’s Day is coming up and I’ll be darned if I know what to get my dad. This same situation comes around during his birthday and Christmas, so it’s nearly three out of four quarters of the year. For any of you who are in a similar situation, here are some gift (and quality time) ideas for the dad or father figure in your life.


This brim light is the perfect transition from day sport into night activity. A small, flexible clip attaches it to the brim of almost any hat without adding heavy bulk or weight. It’s also ideal for hands-free lighting if you don’t care for an elastic headlight band. 

Good for detailed work needing extra lighting and general practicality. 
Quality time idea: fishing

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Inova Multi-function LED Flashlight

The Inova LED flashlight is like the brim light, only bigger with more display options, and it fits comfortably into the palm of your hand rather than being designed exclusively for hat brims. A combination of white, yellow, and red display lights makes it a practical choice for multiple uses. Clip and lanyard options add to the versatility by providing multiple wearable options.
Good for home improvement projects and distress signals (hopefully it won’t be necessary for that). 

Quality time idea: camping

Keychain Light

It might not help while you’re rummaging around trying to find the keys, but once found, this LED keychain light can light up your search for anything else. An easy press activates the low glow bulb, which extends the battery life to over a year. Ideal for finding the ignition switch when completely dark.  
Good for quick car maintenance checks and an easy light source

Quality time idea: long country drive

None of these ideas include a quarter-inch drill bit, but I’m sure my dad would love any of them. What are your favorite gifts to give your dad or father figure? Share in the comments section!

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