Flameless Luminaries Add Beauty to Your Holiday Decorating

While modern holiday decorations include luminaries, the fear of fire or the annoyance of the candle flame blowing out with wind, makes many people shy away from incorporating this beautiful decoration idea. The battery operated candle or the 8 LED luminary light is the perfect solution. Both these types of battery operated lights glow and flicker inside a paper sack like a real candle, but the "flame" does not get hot and therefore cannot start a fire and the battery operation allows the candle to glow even if it's windy.

If you're used to thinking of luminaries only as Christmas decorations, try them for every holiday-you can decorate luminaries for a St. Patrick's Day party or a Fourth of July barbeque. Below are some decorative ideas for Easter

Simple How-To Steps:

1. Small paper sacks can be bought at the grocery store (as lunch sacks), or you can find white or colored paper bags at craft stores-the thinner the better to allow more light to shine through.

2. Decorate the outside of the paper sack. Craft deckle-edged scissors make pretty top edges. Use rubber stamps, stickers, cut-outs, or let the kids color designs to create colorful and theme-oriented sacks. Your luminary will be pretty during the day, and silhouette the light at night.

3. Designs can also be cut out by placing a thick piece of carboard inside the sack and scoring the design with a utility knife. Then paste tissue paper on the inside of the sack over the cut-out. This is the best method if you are using colored sacks as it allows the light to shine through better.

4. Pour a scoop of sand or kitty litter in the bottom of each sack to give it weight and sturdiness.

5. Flip the battery operated light over and turn the manual switch to the "on" position, then watch as your LED flameless luminary candle comes to life, flickering like a real flame.

6. Place the battery operated tea light in the sack for a soft glow, or the 8 LED luminary light for a brighter shine.

7. Set lighted luminaries along paths, tucked in among plants, around the edge of your patio, or wherever your Easter party will be. Since there is no flame, these battery operated lighted luminaries are perfect for Easter decorations indoors as well.

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