Fairy Lights, Micro LED Lights

The benefits and the versatility of our micro LED wire lights or fairy lights. They come in a variety of different lengths, but they're all on a very thin wire. This is an uninsulated wire with LED bulbs that are about the size of a grain of rice. So they are so versatile. You can use them in lots of different things.


They come in lots of different colors. You can choose from a battery-powered or electric plugin. The battery-powered options range from the extra small coin lithium cell battery pack, which is perfect when you have a display where you need a smaller more discrete, or a lightweight battery pack. Other battery packs are slightly larger and use standard AAA or AA batteries. These lights tend to have a longer battery life. Keep this in mind when choosing a fairy light to get one that is idea for your specific centerpieces or costumes.

Fairy Lights also come in a wide range of colors. There is warm white that is most classic, mirroring the color of light put off by incandescent lights. There is also the more modern cool white light. Both have their specific purposes, and give off different vibes. For example with the cool lights come off more icy and pair well with colors in the cooler color spectrum such as blues grays and purples. The warm lights pair well with any color, but stand out in the warmer spectrum like reds, oranges and golds. The warm white adds a lot of warmth and depth to your decorating. Fairy lights also come in fun colors like pink, green, purple, red, orange yellow and blue. Use these to add a pop of color to your centerpiece, or use it to add all kinds of fun elements to your Halloween costume with lighting. Another perfect application is using these on Christmas wreaths. Adding light to your Christmas Wreath really makes it stand out, and fairy lights are perfect because they have discrete wire and ideal length cords. With fairy lights you can choose whatever wreath you like and then just add a battery operated light to add that special lighting element to your decorations.

If you are looking for more of a long term light, electric plug in fairy lights might be a better option so that you can plug it in, and not need to worry about changing batteries. This is most ideal for situations where you have a outlet available and don't plan on moving the light often like for Christmas Decor, or holiday decor. Use warm white plug in fairy lights to accent store displays. 

Fairy lights can also add a great feature of lighting to your wedding. You can string these underneath a table cloth so that there's a really beautiful glow coming down from the table as the guests walk into the reception. You can also add these to a centerpiece, to a flower arrangement. A really great feature about these fairy lights is that they are water submersible. You can put them inside a vase filled with water. The battery pack is not water proof but the lights are. As a result you can add a really great lighting element to that centerpiece. Water or no water they're a really great versatile piece of lighting. You can look for these products and other products on our website. Get creative, think outside the box. And remember to add that extra special touch of lighting to your next event!

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