Easy Chalkboard Lettering Tutorial #2

Eat, drink, and be married! Chelsea, from Ryan+Chelsea’s Wedding Series, first showed us how to design a large photo booth chalkboard sign in our last tutorial, Easy Chalkboard Lettering Tutorial #1. Now, she uses a slightly different method to fashion smaller chalkboard signs to display next to food and drinks on her wedding reception buffet table.

Chalkboard signs have become the new classic in weddings, easy to decorate and inexpensive to buy. Chelsea adds a personal touch to her drinking station signs, from the lettering to the ribbon, for a beautiful shabby chic accent. In her video, she demonstrates how to make these customizable signs, so you can add your own style to any event!

Quickly and easily stencil any design onto your chalkboard with our simple tutorial. These quaint chalkboard stands are perfect for labels and 

signs that can be redecorated and reused.

 Products you'll need:

Printed design
Chalk markers
Ribbon or twine
Chalkboard black paint (if you want to redo your design)

Start by taping your personalized design to the chalkboard, aligning it exactly where you want it to transfer.

Coat the back of your printed design with chalk, making sure all of the lettering is covered.

Use a pen to trace your design/lettering.

Remove the paper to reveal the outline.

Retrace the outline and fill in with a fine tip chalk marker. Once it's dry, simply brush off any excess chalk.

Accessorize your chalkboard design with ribbon, lace or twine.

Your chalkboard sign is complete! Please share your beautiful designs with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest with @lightsforall or #lightsforall. We can’t wait to see your creations!


For more wedding tips and tutorials, visit our Youtube page, Ryan + Chelsea’s Wedding Series!

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