Easy Chalkboard Lettering Tutorial #1

Grab some chalk and design a sign! Chalkboard signs are one of the best ways to personalize your venue and define your wedding style. Chelsea, from Ryan+Chelsea’s Wedding Series, made a chalkboard sign to showcase the photo booth at her wedding, asking guests to “Grab a prop and strike a pose!” In her video, Chelsea shows how to make a customizable sign such as hers and wow guests at the event.

Designing a chalkboard sign is an inexpensive and effortless way to decorate for any occasion. Restaurant and bistro signs flourish in calligraphic lines as they display menus and daily specials. Families stylishly label out chores (against a child’s wishes) with colorful chalk designs. And ultimately, couples choose chalkboard signs for their wedding to usher guests to pick a seat, not a side. And the best part: they are reusable!

In this tutorial, Chelsea demonstrates the simple steps it takes to go from finding and printing the design to a finished chalkboard art piece.

Products you'll need:
Printed design
Transfer paper
Chalk or chalk markers

First, tape your printed design to the chalkboard. TIP: if the transfer paper is smaller than the design, only tape the top part of the design to make it easy to move the transfer paper around.

Between the chalkboard and the design, tape a piece of transfer paper white side down (this is so the image actually transfers over to the chalkboard). The transfer paper can be used more than once, so continually use it for the entire layout of the design.

Trace your design with a pen or pencil, applying pressure.

Remove the transfer paper and design. Fill in the design with chalk or chalk markers.

And now you’re all done! Please share your beautiful designs with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterestwith @lightsforall or #lightsforall. We can’t wait to see your creations!


For more wedding tips and tutorials, visit our Youtube page, Ryan + Chelsea’s Wedding Series!

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