DIY Tutorial: Corrugated Ribbon Ornaments

Cabin chic abounds in our Woodland Lodge Idea Book, blending rustic character with fanciful ideas. Our stylist, Charra, has designed corrugated metal ribbon ornaments to reflect those ideas and bring a touch of industry to our Woodland Lodge. The principles of this effortless DIY project extend beyond winter design and easily become a gift for family and friends, or a year round ornament in the motif of your choice for your venue.

1. What You'll Need

  • 1. Bakers Twine (Green)
  • 2. Corrugated Metal Ribbon
  • 3. Long Nose Pliers with Cutting Edge

2. Measure & Cut Ribbon

Measure the ribbon to your desired size. We measured approximately 7-8 inches to create our ornaments, but if you estimate about half to three-quarters inch per arm per star point, you'll be in the perfect ballpark. With your long nose pliers, cut the ribbon at your desired measurement. Tip: For good measure, add an extra half inch or so to ensure adequate length.

3. Bend One Star Point

Bend one point of your star with the tip of your long nose pliers. This should create a V shape.

4. Repeat

Continue bending points in your star. If it turns out that you don't have enough or have too many points, flatten your points and bend to the desired length and number.

5. Shape & Cut Off Excess

Shape your metal ribbon to form into a star! If there is excess, trim it with the long nose pliers. We recommend leaving about a quarter inch of overlap between the beginning and ending points.

6. Make More & Add Twine!

Create more ornaments! Four point, six point, eight point stars! The possibilities are endless. String each piece with bakers twine, long enough to hang easily. We cut an approximately 6-8 inch piece and folded it in half to tie to the ornament.

7. The Finished Look

Hang your new ornaments from the Christmas tree, garlands and branches for the perfect cabin chic holiday accent!

Our Woodland Lodge Lookbook (PDF) is flush with fresh DIY ideas, rustic decor designs and natural details perfect for the Christmas season!


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