DIY: Create your own Minecraft Enderman Costume

Heather here from My son asked me to make him a Minecraft Enderman costume, so I figured I would show you how to make your own DIY costume, with lights and all! When Colby heads out on Halloween, this unique homemade Enderman costume will help him stand out, and I’ll be happy knowing the lights will help him be seen. Follow the steps below to make your very own perfect for Halloween or cosplay events.

To complete the look, I used a few styles of purple lights from Battery Operated Purple Fairy Lights and Purple LED Floralytes are great lighting solutions for this project.

Minecraft Enderman Costume Materials:

  • • Large cube shaped Cardboard box (18 x 18 inch was used in this tutorial)
  • • Smaller box to fit snugly over costume wearer's head
  • • Stuffing material (newspaper, bubble wrap, poly fill)
  • • 8.5 x 11" sheet of plexiglass
  • • Bendable wire
  • • Black spray paint
  • • Box cutter or x-acto knife
  • • Masking tape or Packing tape
  • • Purple craft paint
  • • White craft paint
  • • Foam paint brush
  • • Black clothing
  • • Purple Battery Operated LED lights: Coin Cell Purple Fairy Lights, Purple LED Floralytes, Purple Battery Operated Fairy Lights and Violet Glowby Clip are great lighting solutions

How to create your own Minecraft Enderman Costume:

Step 1: Glue the flaps of one end of the box down. Once dry, spray with black spray paint. Add additional coats as needed to get even coverage. You can cut off the flaps of the other end or just fold them inside and tape them down.

Step 2: Carefully cut out rectangular eye shapes with a box cutter or x-acto knife.

Step 3: Carefully cut your plexiglass into two rectangles just slightly larger than the eye hole openings.

Step 4: The eyes consist of 3 squares. Create a lighter shade of purple paint by adding a little of your white paint to the purple craft paint. Paint the eyes as shown above with the darker shade in the middle square. Add additional coats if required for even coverage. Allow to dry completely.

Step 5: Using your tape, adhere the painted plexiglass eyes to the inside of the eye holes you made earlier.

Looking great!

Step 6: Using your tape, attach a strand of the purple fairy lights to the back of each plexiglass eye. Add additional strands if you desire a brighter light. Keep your battery packs near the front as shown to allow for ease in turning the Enderman eyes on and off.

Step 7: Cut a smaller rectangle above the Enderman eyes; this allows the costume wearer to see without their visibility being affected by the fairy lights.

Step 8: Fit your smaller box on the head of the costume wearer. Mark the eye area. Remove the smaller box, and cut eye holes. We are going to add the small box inside the large box. Add stuffing of your choice to the large box: newspaper, bubble wrap or poly fill. Next, fit your smaller box inside the large painted box and align the smaller box eye holes with the rectangle viewing area you just cut. Tape in place. Be sure your battery packs are still accessible. (the elastic shown in photo was added as a chin strap - not required.)

Step 9: Using tape, attach purple LED Floralytes to bendable wire in various lengths, or if using fairy lights, attach in assorted places to imitate the Enderman dust particles.

Step 10: Wrap the opposite end of each wire around the costume wearer's arms and legs. Tape to secure. (Same process if using fairy lights)

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