Discover Your Dorm Room Style

College isn't all textbooks, classes and tracking a career (though our parents would have us believe otherwise!). This is the time for us to discover and evolve who we are, what we like and what makes us, us.

Once the acceptance letter seals the deal, you're ready to start defining your style ... and what better way to begin than with your dorm room decor?!

But ... where to start? What's the core of your design? How do you set yourself and your style apart from everyone else?


DIY Candle Holders

We love, love, LOVE these DIY tea light candle holders. With simple decorative paper, mason jars, and a flameless tea light candle (don't want live flame to worry your space!), add a bit of colorful mood-lighting to your dorm room or study space. If tea lights aren't your thing, use these glass vessels to hold pencils and other desk items.

DIY Marquee Sign

We found the key to dorm room design ... a simple DIY marquee light! We love the letter idea - your initial, your family's name, a reference to the school - but shapes and numbers are also a capital idea. Using a simple strand of 25 foot globe string lights will turn your dorm room into the envy of the ENTIRE student body.

Pendant Lighting

A pendant lightis a dramatic statement in any space, whether above your study table, comfy reading chair or dining nook area. Keep it simple with a single LED bulb, or cluster a group together for a dramatic lighting design.

The Must-Have: Fairy Lights

We're "fairy" certain there are a million and one uses for fairy lights in a dorm room, from mirror lighting, to window decor, to your next art project. Use novelty fairy lights to accent your personal style, or use standard fairy lights for a classic starry night experience.

Novelty String Lights

Nothing says "my style" like a novelty string light set. From film characters to sports teams and even pizza slices, these string lights not only make a statement, but they double as a bonding moment with your fellow fans, nerds and enthusiasts.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

DIY Yarn Art

Boho is in and so is DIY! Making this art piece is easier than passing Art 101 (simple, right?)! We recommend a manzanita branch for this little project. Arrange several different colors of yarn in a striped pattern on the branch and trim the edges into a geometric shape. Now you have a conversation piece for your dorm and an art piece to submit to class.

Ornaments (Not Just For Christmas!)

Why decorate with these little trinkets only once a year, when you can enjoy them all year round? These geometric neon ornaments are perfect for a playful dorm room style. Place them on a moss ball garland for your entryway, or glue them to brightly colored vases for your living room centerpiece.

The Classic: Paper Lanterns

What better accentuates your room than a paper lantern? These decorations are portable, inexpensive, and versatile - easily transform them from a light-hearted decor element into an illuminated chandelier with the addition of a pendant bulb or 

Maintenance-Free Florals

Flowers are a luxury in dorm life and often don't last long. Faux floral stays forever in bloom while adding a fresh design to your space.

Remembering Every Moment

Photo Clip Lights

Some of the best memories come from college ... why not showcase every moment IRL!? Photo clip lightsnot only hold precious photos but also illuminate them for everyone to see. The best part, you ask? They're LED bulbs, energy efficient and cool to the touch! And! They're battery operated (ok, that was four, but don't blame me for skipping math class).

Metal Photo Holders

Compose your dorm with something unique like a chain garland or photo mobile. The metal clips chicly display your favorite memories, or can highlight your hiking flora collection, your rock and roll pin assortment, or your A+ artwork for everyone to see.


We hope you've discovered your favorite dorm room must-haves! Decorate with these lights and decor in your new space and share a picture with us on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest with @lightsforall or #lightsforall!

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