Customers Show Us 9 Ways to Use Globe String Lights

Customers Show Us 9 Ways to Use Globe String Lights

Through social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and especially via messaging and lovely product reviews, we've had the honor of witnessing hundreds of your most clever DIYs and uber chic designs.

You've inspired us with well composed centerpieces, brilliantly brightened designs and of course, the most artfully arranged globe string lights installations we've ever seen!

To celebrate your creativity and show appreciation for your generosity in sharing, we've compiled some of the highlights of your fabulous forays in festooning.

We hope you're as inspired as we are by our customers' ideas, so read on and please enjoy!

1. Events
What event wouldn't benefit from the addition of globe string lights?! We love how Nikki hung wide swaths of strands from pole to pole, and the warm glow they cast over an exciting game of Twister!
2. Venues
Carol's globe string lights lend harmonious brilliance to this reception hall's existing chandeliers, adding romantic emphasis to her lilac-hued theme. 
From barns to covered venue patios, we always think it's a good idea to accentuate grand spaces with string lights. Jeffrey has them everywhere ... and we love it!
3. Restaurants
Outdoor patio dining areas hold special allure on warm spring and summer nights. Globe string lights bring a chic European vibe to Sylivia's cafe, bathing the scenes in soft ambient light.
4. Weddings
Maddie captured the beautiful illumination of family and friends enjoying a celebration of matrimony. In the open air, globe string lights are a smart way to neatly define the parameters of your space!
We absolutely love this shot of our globe string lights above the happy couple. Mckenzi's romantic strands dramatically light her wedding party, leaving a lasting impression on every single guest. They also make it easy for photographers to capture romantic moments in dreamy radiance!
5. Poolside
Whether you're enjoying a summer BBQ or just a relaxed swim, globe string lights over a pool will add simple delight to the experience. Bruce used shatter resistant acrylic bulbs for a safe, secure option.
6. Cabin Lighting
Brando's lighted tree canopy beautifully accents the unique silhouettes of this log cabin. Outdoor lighting washes the setting in a soft fireside glow, without the effort of fire building!
7. Sandy Beaches
Can it just be said that we LOVE the look of globe string lights against the textures of this palm tree? Brian's shot makes us yearn for a tropical summer vacation ...
8. Porches
An enchanting view ... and the sunset looks pretty nice, too! Christy recommends lighting your porch with a smaller string light set complements without competing with outdoor scenery.
9. Covered Patios
Daphney proves that globe string lights are the most charming way to light your covered patios and pergolas. We like to think this is not just the most charming way, but also, well ... the only way.
We would love to see your creations, ideas and designs, too! Feel free to share with us on Facebook with @lightsforall or tag us on Pinterest or Instagram with #lightsforall.
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