Create a DIY Monogram Box for Thanksgiving!

With a Thankful Heart

Our designer, Charra, discovered a beautiful way to cherish your family name this Thanksgiving: our DIY monogrammed box. This decoration incorporates rustic influences with the meaningful insignia of your name to create a centerpiece that your family will hold dear. Use this container as a wedding vase for <decorative floral and sprigs, or fill it with ornaments for the Christmas season. Explore the Harvest: Autumn Idea Book our DIY centerpiece premiered in to find more Thanksgiving and fall ideas to fill your home and events with!

1. What You'll Need.


  • 1. Wood Planter Box
  • 2. Corrugated Metal Ribbon
  • 3. Power Drill
  • 4. Drill Bit
  • 5. Eight Wood Screws
  • 6. Metal Snips
  • 7. Ruler
  • 8. Glue stick
  • 9. Scrapbook Paper
  • 10. Pencil
  • 11. Colored Pencil, Marker or Other Marking Tool for the Monogram

2. Cutting the Ribbon


Measure approximately 1 inch from each side of your wooden box to determine the dimensions for your border. Use the metal snips to cut 4 identical pieces of ribbon to fit these dimensions.

Tip: Subtract the ribbon width from the border length to calculate the length to be cut. 

3. Drill the Ends

Use the drill to create a hole at each end of the ribbon pieces. For a clean and concise look, measure halfway to the ribbon width and use that number to measure from the ribbon's ends. The point of intersection will be where you will drill.

4. Mark the Spot

Arrange the ribbon pieces where you want them on the box. Trace the inside edge to help align your decorative paper. Use the pencil to mark inside each ribbon hole on the box where coordinating holes will be drilled.

5. Drill the Box

Drill the marks you made on the box.

6. Add Paper and Screws

Cut the paper using the dimensions from the inside square you just traced. Apply glue to the back and firmly press it onto the box. Arrange the ribbon on your box and screw them down.

Tip: Cut the paper approximately 1/2 inch larger than the traced dimensions to ensure the entire space is covered.  

7. Monogram Matters

Choose a font for your monogram and sketch it on with your pencil. Fill it in with the colored pencil or marker and finish to suit your style.

Tip: Wondering how to freehand the design? The easiest way to transfer an image or letter to paper is to print it to scale on a computer. Cover the back of the printed image with charcoal (a graphite pencil will work too, but will be less visible). Place the printed image, charcoal side down, where you want it on your box. Trace the image with your pencil and lift the paper. If the image isn't quite where you want it, erase and trace again.

8. The Best Part

Add embellishments such as ribbon, flowers, hobnail jars and twine to complete your family's new monogrammed box!


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