Celebrate Your Table With Rosanna

"Dining together is a giving, loving—and truly fun—experience."

To share a meal is to bring together all the good things in life, those things to be savored and enjoyed: great food, close friends, cherished family.

We very much agree with Rosanna's food philosophies, her dining style ... and we simply adore her designs!

Rosanna, Inc. creates more than inspiration; this company celebrates luxury, takes pride in the finest quality, and embraces beautiful colors and rich pattern play.

Such refined taste doesn't go unnoticed: Rosanna's collection has made Oprah's 'O' List, regularly receives awards and nominations from such organizations as The Gourmet Retailer and UK Giftware Association, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. It goes without saying that our team at Lights For All Occasions has fallen head over heels for her trinket trays, is swooning over her pedestals, and covets each and every cake and dessert stand for their very own!

Her Story

One of the many perks of living in the Pacific Northwest is that Rosanna, Inc. is located right in our backyard!

Rosanna Bowles started her tableware business in 1982 out of her Seattle home, combining her expertise in Italian language and knowledge in art history to lay the foundation of her aesthetic. When a surprise (and rather large) order from Pottery Barn came through the line, this Portland native immediately became a self-made entrepreneur - awards, Oprah's attention, and both national and international acclaim soon followed. 

With such success, you might think that Rosanna was perched on a golden pedestal ... but her impressive business achievements are only half of her story.

Rosanna is passionate about helping her community, particularly locally. She was named 2013 Chair for the American Heart Association’s local event schedule, and has been a member of the Board Directors of the Seattle Symphony. She continues to dedicate herself to the community and supports several organizations that serve families in need, women’s health initiatives, children in the community, arts and education, as well as animal and nature conservation. 


Having produced such an eclectic array of drop dead gorgeous decor, it comes as no surprise that as a child, Rosanna was obsessed with fine china and has continued to collect dishes throughout the years. We fully support this obsession!

She finds design inspiration in her diverse and extensive traveling experiences, while also drawing ideas from runway fashion, top trends and contemporary style. A charming mix of nostalgia with current trends is the perfect recipe, capturing our hearts and attention with her signature brand of playful finery.

Of course, Rosanna has also found inspiration for her tableware from, well, the delicious vittles themselves: "...Rosanna savors what's on the table, designing dishes around tasty trends from olive oil tasting to food and wine pairings," (Source: Rosanna Inc Facebook).

Why We LOVE Rosanna

We must give credit where credit is due! We were first introduced to Rosanna, Inc. by our stylist, Charra. Previously a cake designer, Charra exclusively used Rosanna cake stands in her show displays, which traversed the country many times. The decorative boxes, while beautiful in their own right, afford perfect protection in shipping, handling and storage. Once our team saw Rosanna’s full collection, we were hooked. Rosanna's pattern play and one-of-a-kind color designs are unlike any other in the industry!

We instantly recognized Rosanna's dedication to excellence, and are pleased to be able to offer her products on our site - products that exceed expectation in style, innovation and quality.

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