Branching Out with Treehouse Masters!

The only way is up.


At least, that’s how we at Lights For All Occasions feel after seeing our string lights in this season of Animal Planet’s popular series, Treehouse Masters.

Our commercial grade strand of LED Edison string lights first made its debut in the captivating Moorish-inspired design of Emily’s treehouse in Northwest Washington.

Needless to say, our team was more than wowed.With their outstanding designs and sky high possibilities, we’re on cloud nine!

Treehouse Masters is in its fourth season on Animal Planet, continually creating treehouses that resemble a sanctuary between fairytale landscape and modern design. But these aren’t your average childhood treehouses.

Each treehouse is designed and crafted by Pete Nelson (father to Emily) to be an escape into nature and away from everyday life.

From residential tree-homes to recording studios, Pete has created an elevated standard for treehouses.

Catch a glimpse of the final looks of these breathtaking treehouses online at, and check out our full line of commercial string lights like those used in the show!

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