Benji from It's Judy's Life features our Mason Jar Fairy Lights!

Benji from It’s Judy’s Life stopped by our warehouse last night to discuss how we fulfill orders with our owners, Jeff and Deanna.

He was fascinated by our operation and found our mason jar lightsespecially intriguing. So much so that he took a jar and some of our purple fairy moon lights home to surprise his wife.

In the latest It’s Judy Time video, you can see Benji chatting with Jeff and Deanna (just after the 11:40 mark). 

When Benji returns home, he surprises Judy with his new Mason Jar Fairy Lights  (13:35 in the video). We are known for our warm white mason jar fairy lights and cool white mason jar fairy lights, but what you see is a custom pairing (her favorite color is purple) that is really easy to create.

Here’s what he uses…

Purple Fairy Moon Lights

Fairy moon lights are unique as they use an ultra-thin, coin cell battery pack that is extremely compact. This makes fairy moon lights the ideal fairy lights where the battery pack needs to be hidden, such as decorative centerpieces, incorporating lights into costumes and much more. As Benji points out, fairy moon lights are also submersible up to the battery pack, making them great for floral displays and water-based décor and centerpieces.

In addition to the purple fairy moon lights Benji uses, fairy moon lights come in a variety of colors, including cool white (great for our blue mason jars), warm white, pink, red, and blue.

Mason Jars

Benji shows off a few different mason jars we sell. First, we have the standard clear quart mason jars and pint mason jars. We also have the limited edition blue mason jar, which Benji brings out in the video. In addition to these jars, you can also use one of our vintage-inspired antique green mason jars.

Great for Weddings!

As Benji notes, mason jar fairy lights are great items for weddings. They can be hung from trees, stanchions and shepherd hooks using our Mason Jar Hangers, or used as pathway lighting or decorative centerpieces at wedding receptions. Pairing mason jars with fairy lights can fit a variety of wedding themes, too. Mix and match to get the look of your dreams!
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