Beat the Heat With a Classy Pool Party

One of my favorite kinds of parties to attend are the classy, dress-up parties. Being stuck in the middle of summer, a great way to beat the heat is to have a pool party. When you meet these two ideas together, you get the classy pool party. Hanging out like a sir or a madam at your pool will make your summer more sophisticated. Here are ideas to create a classy pool party. 

White metal lanterns

The color white is in season, and colors that go close with white will give your party a more classy feel. To give your party a more nautical look, incorporate the color blue or stripes into appearance and décor. These white metal lanterns summon the Hamptons and bring suave décor to any party setup. Set lounge chairs everywhere for people to relax in, and in between each set of chairs, have an end table with some of the lanterns for a nice centerpiece. The LED lights will contribute to the mood and ambiance and the nice centerpiece will give  the party some flair. 

Globe string lights 

Globe lights strung above your pool can give your pool party a calm, cool feeling. The round globe lights are as charming as a European bistro and set the tone as such. Especially at night, these lights can become useful to illuminate your classy pool party. They can also be hung on umbrellas or along porches for added charm.  

Floating white LED roses

Regardless if people get in the pool or not, white LED lighted floating roses gracefully strewn across a pool would give a nice, exotic look as the lights illuminate the top of the water. Large bowls of water with the floating flora also make a similar statement. Petals are non-detachable. 


Typically, you’d think that hot dogs and burgers would suffice for any soirée, but this is a classy party. Exploring the more sophisticated line of choices for food is the better plan in this case. To meet the standards of sophistication, one idea for food would be to make kabobs. To keep up with the summer feel, fruit kabobs are the best in this category. Cut up any fresh fruit and add them on to kabob skewers for serving.

If you feel like satisfying your carnivorous needs, here is a recipe for a tasty treat! 

Kabobs and other finger foods are a great choice; it will keep your guests constantly snacking on hors d’oeuvres and avoid any unnecessary cooking for meals. Focus on the cheese and crackers, and any meats to complement those dishes. Vegetable platters also make a great addition as well.  

How will you be hosting your pool party this summer? Let us know in the comments section!

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