April Showers Bring May Flowers: How to Bring the Beauty of Spring Indoors

We all know that April can be a wet month as changeable spring weather shifts from sunshine to showers. Of course that brings the flowers of May, so the poet tells us, but those showers can also make an outdoor event an iffy thing. The weather might not be quite nice enough to enjoy the outdoors, so bring the springtime inside with these beautiful lighted floral decorations. 

1. Romantic Rose Lights. These rose string lights are actually handmade out of real leaves! These string lights can be wrapped around banisters, draped from windows, and even used as a glowing centerpiece. No trees are harmed to produce these amazing lights, and natural dyes are used to give the vibrant color.

 2. Use this crystal light base to add unique lighting to translucent and transparent objects such as clear vases,  and even ice sculptures.  Each light base is illuminated by 7 bright white LEDs and uses an AC adapter making it perfect for long term use. Display it in your home or incorporate it into your wedding or event decor.

 3. Another way to brighten up your indoor springtime decor is with this LED Light Base. This 10-inch multi-colored light base is bright enough and large enough to illuminate any floral arrangement, as well as glass, crystal, and ice sculptures. Eighty multicolor LED lights can be programmed with just two easy buttons to display just one color, a blending of colors, or dazzling white light. 

 4. Similar to the romantic rose lights (see #1 above), the tropical bloom flower string lights are also made from real leaves from the Bodhi tree, the same type of tree that the Buddha sat under when he became enlightened. And these string lights have a secret – they bloom open before your eyes with just a light mist of water! Now that’s really creating a blooming spring for any indoors springtime event!

 5. These LED fairy lightshave 30 tiny LED lights that are about the size of a grain of rice, which sit on an ultra-thin wire, and each light looks like a glimmering water droplet. Use these revolutionary light strands to bring sparkle to any floral arrangement or centerpiece.


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