A Novelty Idea

Electrical outlets are inconspicuous, but they are essential for so many day-to-day things. Toasters, toothbrushes, even cars—the most important things in life require electricity. This includes lights. There are so many holidays, parties, themes, and special occasions to decorate for, so we’re going to showcase a few of our favorite novelty string lights. 

Coca-cola lights
I’d like to give the world a hug, and buy it a coke. But since I can’t, these string lights are the next best thing. This 5.5-foot strand of battery operated Coca-Cola lights will keep you singing for a long time.  These aren’t real cans (sorry, Coke enthusiasts) but they’re realistic enough to pass for the real thing. The traditional Coca-Cola logo with the standard red and white are familiar enough to everyone. 

Come to the light side
Beep beep. The companionship of a friendly droid is yours to have. This 
R2D2 string light is perfect for any Star Wars fans, or even for those that aren’t fans. This galaxy far, far away can be one step closer. Alas, these little guys are on mute and there are no Princess Leia holographic projections. But there are ten R2 units that will save the galaxy when called upon.

Oh Captain, my Captain
The Hamptons are known for being a go-to summer holiday spot, but since I live on the west coast it’s a bit of a drive. This 
lighthouse strand, while not quite the seaside, set the scene for a nautical theme, or at least a quiet rustic vibe. The 20 lighthouses even flash and blink, giving the appearance of warding ships from the shore. 

Be still, my heart 
What a gorgeous decoration that is perfect for all seasons, since love is for all times. These 
wire heart string lightsaren’t just for Christmas trees, but can be wrapped around vanities, or hung by themselves for decorations. A 3D wire heart is wrapped around a cool white polka dot bulb creating a cozy, cool effect. The hearts could be a reminder of love you share with someone, the love someone else has for you, or just a nice symmetrical shape. The twisted silver wire continues with the shabby chic feel to make sure it works even down to the details.

What are some specialty string lights you’ve had your eye on? How would you display these? Send us a picture or a comment! 
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