A DIY Valentine's Day Gift: Key to My Heart Key Chain Caddy

Capture the key to your special one's heart by helping them stay organized. This clever set of key chain hooks will remind them of your unending devotion ... and where they put those darn keys!

Key to My Heart Key Caddy

This quick and easy decorative wood slab key caddy is a humorous way to give a warm hand to your partner ... a few hours of paint drying time and a little elbow grease are all you'll need to create this fun and functional Valentine's Day gift! 

What You'll Need

  • • One 8 inch round birch round slice
  • • Red and gray craft paint
  • • One or two 1" foam paint brushes
  • • Three ceiling or plant hooks
  • • Drill and drill bit accommodating the size of your hook base
  • • Pencil, paper and scissors3

Everyone loves a handmade gift--so why not make it a priority this Valentine's Day? Gather just a few supplies and create a whimsical yet practical organizational tool that will remind them of your devotion day after day!

First, create a heart shape to size by drawing upon your Kindergarten know-how: fold a piece of paper in half, then use a pencil to draw half a heart on the folded, unopened edge. Cut this shape out, then use a pencil to trace the pattern onto your birch slice

Using the pencil pattern as a rough guide, apply red paint within the lines with a foam brush. It doesn't need to be perfect ... this gift's rustic underpinnings free you from the need to be overly fastidious! After you complete this step, allow at least half an hour drying time.

After the red paint has dried, use a clean foam brush to lay down the banner. This part we completed without a pattern, but feel free to call on a little paper stencil magic if you don't trust your hand to do what your brain is telling it to! TIP: Because the wood is rough hewn, you will need to go back ti fill in some of the valleys more carefully, to create a solid banner.

After allowing some drying time for the gray paint, use the fine white chalk marker to roughly sketch in a bit of detail on the banner. Then, write your message. If you feel more comfortable using a pencil to sketch in letters before committing with the marker, that is a great way to go...charcoal pencil marks won't be overly noticeable on the gray paint, even if you don't copy the letters precisely.

When the complete composition has dried, use a drill or dremel to pre-drill pilot holes for your hooks.

Insert the hooks!

Ready for action ... your sweetie will appreciate the parking spot for his or her keys, and if they're reminded of your affection long after February 14th comes and goes ... bonus!

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