5 Easy Home Decor Updates You Can Do Yourself

5 Easy home décor updates you can do yourself

Take a look around your home, and it probably won’t take long before you begin to spot areas that could use a makeover. It may be time to update your home décor starting with five easy changes you can do yourself.
Make your house a home that shows off your personality without spending a fortune on hiring a pricey expert. Sometimes the smallest custom accent personalized touch makes the biggest difference, and having the appreciation of knowing you are the one who did it is even more rewarding.
Begin with small, easy fixes that make a big difference such as properly framing your windows. Focus on some of the most lived-in parts of your space to spruce up your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom before opening up to make the most out of the green space just outside your back door as a usable extension of your living area.
Start with these easy do-it-yourself projects.

Expand your decor to the yard

Your home is about more than just what is inside. After all, the first thing you probably noticed when considering buying your home was its curb appeal and the yard. Whether it was attractive to you because it was open to neighbors gathering or private for you to enjoy some rest and catch your breath in quiet respite, it’s open space that is part of your home and holds great potential for an update.

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Why not expand to your backyard with an easy-to-build pergola. All you need are a few pieces of wood, some joist hangars, and then it’s ready to put your personal finishing touches on it with a curtain of your choice. Hang a few Edison lights from the top for a cozy, welcoming effect.

Cook up an inviting kitchen

The room where you prepare food is always one of the first spots visitors notice and tend to gather when you have guests over, but there’s no need to worry. It’s not as hard as you might think to hide an outdated, worn out kitchen. Don’t wait till you have the exorbitant amount of funds saved up that it takes to completely renovate a kitchen.
Some fast, simple cabinet face lifts that involve easily swapping out the knobs or drawer pulls and a little paint, or creating a new jaw-dropping counter top will amaze you. One of the fastest and most tasty ways to show off your own personal style while giving your kitchen a boost in appearance is to create a back splash above the stove or sink to beautify the space.

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Paint, tile, or use broken dishes or jars to recycle into a breathtaking mosaic accent that will also serve as a conversation piece for friends and family to notice.

Frame your windows

Nothing dates a room faster than worn out curtains that have more than served their time. It’s time to frame your windows with curtains that express your personal sense of style, or if you have an amazing view, use a clever window treatment to show it off and not hide the beautiful landscape outside your four walls. Use tricks, like hanging your curtain rod closer to the ceiling or using a curved rod to make the window appear larger. Or, get creative and completely revamp the curtains with something new.

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One great idea, especially for apartment renters since it’s a change that is easily cleaned up with warm water when you need to revert back to move-in ready windows, is a clever yet easy lace window treatment affixed with a cornstarch solution to create a privacy panel on window glass. Solid white fabric can be used as well, but lace not only gives your window a discrete, beautiful and delicate accent design but also allows natural lighting to come in and fill the room.

Make your bathroom sparkle

Even though it is not the first room you probably show to your guests, this is the room where a lot of at-home time is spent getting ready for work, preparing for bed, and relaxing in a hot shower or warm bath. Of course you want a sparkling clean bathroom, but there’s more to making it shine than keeping it clean. Using a wine rack as a towel holder, or putting some unique touches on how the shower curtain is displayed are a couple fast, easy ways to make your bathroom more organized and tidy.


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Though, the most cost-effective upgrade is to transform your sink vanity to result in a wowing look that doesn’t break the bank. The smaller sized bathroom vanity is a great place to implement costly granite counter tops since there is a lot less space to cover than outfitting an entire kitchen, for instance, making it affordable to show off a granite surface without spending a ton of money.
There are also other ways to make your vanity look like it’s expensive without letting go of a fortune. One smart trend is to transform a dresser into a gorgeous storage basin around the sink. Choose a dresser that you already own but is not currently being used, or search thrift stores for one that offers the look you want with a bit of character that fits your personality. When you are done, finish the look by mounting a wall mirror or adding a large painted frame around an existing mirror to match and complement the upgraded vanity.

Cozy Bedroom highlights

Out of all of the rooms, the bedroom should be the most personalized and comforting. Create a spot of respite where you are able to refresh. Start by designing a focal point headboard for your bed. Gone are the days of large, bulky thick wood surrounding a mattress. Go for a softer, more elegant look by making your own diamond tufted headboard. Create an elegantly buttoned look that looks fit for royalty in as little as a few hours. When you are finished, if you want an even more elaborate look, go all out to add coziness and a touch of romance by designing a canopy around your bed.

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Before you call it a night and tuck in for sleep, don’t forget a few other accents such as lighting. Bedroom lights are very important since they need to be able to adjust and accommodate brightness and dimming at appropriate times. If you like to read in bed, choose lights that give off just enough of a brightness to allow you to see the pages. Create a romantic glow with soft fairy lights carefully scattered above the bed headboard or canopy.

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