5 Easy DIY Christmas Table Decor Centerpiece Ideas

Today we are kicking off a series of Christmas DIYs, projects and ideas we put together for the holiday season. These DIYs include fun, easy and trend-centric Christmas decorations and lighting ideas from our very own creative team, including Sarah from our YouTube Channel.

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We begin with one of our holiday favorites: 5 Easy DIY Christmas Centerpiece Ideas. These five ideas are so easy, all you need is a list of items to complete the project and you’ll be set to create an amazing display for the holidays!

Idea #1: DIY Natural Lighted Berry Wreath Centerpiece

Bring warmth and light to your fall or Christmas décor with this natural-meets-rustic garland and candle centerpiece. This creation uses five items, all of which you can find at LightsForAllOccasions.com! The lighted berry branch actually comes as four branches, two with lights and two with berries, all of which are easily bendable. We just formed them into a circular wreath-style shape to create this cool piece of table décor!

What you’ll need to create your own DIY natural lighted berry wreath centerpiece:

Idea #2: DIY Winter Forest Candle Centerpiece

Get the kettle on for some hot chocolate as this next one is perfect for those cold snowy days! Using our set of 3 pedestal glass candle holders, lighted pine cone garland and pillar candles, this look is ideal for anyone looking to decorate within the Christmas naturals or white Christmas trends.

What you’ll need to create your own DIY winter forest candle centerpiece:

Idea #3: DIY Frosty Damask Winter Candle Centerpiece

If you are going for the minimalist white-meets-silver look this Christmas, add a little bling with our silver damask candle holder and silver chain. Just loop the chain below the candle holder, add a votive candle and voila… you’re done! It looks elegant and takes practically no time!

What you’ll need to create your own DIY silver candle centerpiece:

Idea #4: DIY Christmas Bowl of Ornaments Centerpiece

This look joins vintage and country with the bowl of ornaments trend! On the vintage end, pair our mercury glass compote dish and candle holder set, and embellish your Christmas centerpiece. Throw in a folky Americana reference with our white Chantilly lace table runner. To bring in the Christmas vibe, drop a set of simple silver and red Christmas tree ornaments to complete the look!

What you’ll need to create your own DIY Christmas Compote Centerpiece:

Idea #5: DIY Christmas Natural Birch Planter Centerpiece

Gather up some pine cones and paint ‘em with holiday pastel colors. We used green, light blue, a hint of orange and pink. Inside the planter we arranged an assortment of pastel-colored Christmas ornaments. These simple, minimal ornaments look like gumballs! Arrange accordingly on one of our birch slice placemats and you’re set. The birch slice placemats come in a set of 10, meaning you’ll have extras to coordinate your table settings with your centerpiece. We arranged this one in two ways – choose your favorite!

We also provided an alternate layout for this one below.

What you’ll need to create your own DIY Christmas Birch Planter Centerpiece:

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