5 Creepy Halloween Treat Ideas (Perfect for Halloween Parties!)

Like every Halloween, planning a party is full of fun. And there’s no better delight than coming up with some fun treats of your own!

Our Halloween Lookbook is full of deliciously bewitching desserts that will cause you to mourn the passing of your diet.

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Let’s get started!

1. Cauldron Corn: Green Popcorn

Displayed proudly on our small Le Gateau Cake and Dessert Pedestal is a bubbly treat that pops and cracks when you microwave it. It’s popcorn! Mix a little marshmallow cream with green food coloring and then drizzle it on the popcorn for the ultimate Witch’s Cauldron.

Bonus: Craving something a little sweeter? Use caramel instead!

2. Death by Chocolate

We took a classic cream puff and added a deadly twist to it. Instead of a classic custard, we used chocolate mousse for a richer experience. Then, we added more chocolate on top with a chocolate ganache dip. To finish the look, we used white chocolate to drizzle spider web designs. If this isn’t enough chocolate for you, we suggest making a chocolate pastry shell for the cream puff instead (the only difference is a bit of cocoa). Our chalkboard stands make amazing Halloween headstone labels for these treats! Use our chalkboard markers to mark the chocolaty graves!

3. Grape Eyeballs

 Yes, it is possible to make an eyeball out of grapes and chocolate. We love how frightening they look on our bloody cake and cupcakes. Did you know our photographer and stylist is also a renowned cake decorator? Charra tells us just how she makes these tasty organs:

The creepy eyeballs are large green grapes that have been dipped in vanilla candy melts, but you can use white chocolate chips as well. The irises and pupils are added after the chocolate has set (it should only take a few minutes if the grapes are chilled!), using food coloring. I chose to use gel colors--rather than the kind you find at the grocer’s--because it has more body, more pigment per ounce.

 Throw them into one of our Nesting Hobnail Dishes for the ultimate vintage-style Halloween table display!

4. Here Lies Your Die

Bury healthy eating deep in the ground this Halloween with a bloody cake! Charra came up with a brilliant way to create this masterpiece. She tells us...

 The blood was really easy to make! I bought a delicious looking caramel topping from the ice cream aisle of my grocery store and just added red food coloring. The tan color of the caramel nicely darkens the bright red food coloring, making it believably, bloodily deep in tone. If you want a brighter or less runny mixture, just add a bit of confectioner’s sugar until you achieve the consistency that fits your project.

 Complete the look with our Les Desserts Compote!

5. Ghostly Donut

Chocolate chips make delicious black eyeballs in these ghost-like donut cake pops! Just add a white confetti sprinkle for the pupil (if you don't have any sprinkles, white icing works just as well). The hole in the middle of these donuts gives each ghost an eerie mouth. Pictured on our black and white paper straws within our popular milk glass hobnail jars gives these treats a sweet vintage look!


What’s your favorite Halloween dessert? Let us know in the comments below or on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest with @lightsforall or #lightsforall!

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