4 Ways to Decorate with Antlers for Christmas

Did you know that each year, deer and other similar animals shed their antlers? Then they grow a whole new set!

While we’re not all too keen on using the real thing (faux antlers, like you’ll find on our site, don’t require cleaning or maintenance), we do love the trend of using these naturally shed antlers as accents to rustic and country decorating styles. 

Antlers can be a year-round decorating go-to, but if there’s one trend we love more than any other, it’s decorating with deer antlers for Christmas.

Here are four ideas we like that incorporate antlers into seasonal decor arrangements.  

1. Rustic Antler Wreath

This is a stunning piece we assembled in mere minutes. By pairing our fashionable white winter garland
with a single antler ornament and ivory lace ribbon, you can craft this stylish wreath in no time at all, just in time for holiday gatherings.

Sarah shows you how:



Bonus: For those throwing a rustic winter wedding, imagine this wreath thoughtfully displayed on the front of the bride and groom’s table.

For a similarly fresh holiday idea, pair our antler floral pick with a grapevine wreath, eucalyptus sprigs and our pine cone string lights to create a woodland inspired wreath! We used decorative antler floral picks in our tutorial but other antler decor, such as our antler ornaments, will also work with this DIY wreath. Simply tie the ornaments on with twine or fishing line.

2. Antler Centerpieces

This is another great way to use antlers. Add in a <birch planter or a birch tree round, throw together a little bouquet or add some candles, and voila! You have an antler-accented table centerpiece!

3. Antlers as Tree Ornaments

If you are leaning toward a rustic theme for your holiday décor, consider adding antlers to your tree! These antler ornaments are great for more than our stylish DIY wreath; they make great Christmas tree ornaments too!

Bonus: For more great ornament ideas, check out our blog post on the subject from last year.

4. Antler Christmas Card or Invite

Our customer Tina submitted this photo to us last year, and we LOVE it! She used antlers from us to create a head-piece for her horse, then used this photo as her family Christmas card. We love this idea and with an abundance of antler ideas, it’s easy to create your own personalized cards to send during the holiday season.

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