4 DIY Lighted Holiday Wreath Ideas

Now that your Christmas and holiday DIY projects are well underway (or not), let’s talk about wreaths! We discovered that the word “wreath” comes from Middle English wrethe and Old English wrīthan, meaning to writhe or twist. Taking this information to heart, we decided it would be fun to design a few unique wreaths constructed in this manner…no foam wreath base, no straw, no nuthin’. Each wreath requires a minimal amount of materials and prep, so they’re easy to throw together….what’s more, they can be disassembled and the components used for other crafts or new designs.

As a gift-giving idea, you could package some of these items into a kit! Just print out our instructions (below) and include them with the package!

Organza Snowflake Wreath

Items you'll need:

  • • Battery Operated LED Snowflake String Lights
  •  White Glitter Organza Table Runner / Chair Wrap
  • This is a super simple idea that is easy to execute. All you need is a square section of chicken wire (ours is 28 inches by 28 inches, but there’s definitely wiggle room for variance), one length of organza chair wrap, and a string of Snowflake LED Lights. First, lay a 12” round template in the center of your chicken wire square (we used a dinner plate!). Use this round to act as a guide for the weaving of the organza. Simply weave the strip in and out of the mesh (every three to four openings or so) using the plate to delineate your path. TIP: Be sure to map your starting point so that your bow will land where you want it to! When you are done weaving, gently pull puffs of organza through the wire, as shown…then just tie off the ends. The lights are applied from the back…pull snowflakes intermittently through the mesh, then tuck or tie the battery pack in around the bow, so that it is concealed. Cool! Get it? Snowflakes? Cool? They’re cold? Nevermind.

Rustic Lace Wreath

Items you'll need:

  •  Lace Table Runner Ribbon
  • • 2 Strands of Warm White Fairy Moon Lights
  • • One 10” embroidery hoop
  • • Six or so 6" lengths of yarn or string
  • • One ivory (or whatever color suits your decor) artificial blossom

 The soft look of romantic lace is a perennial favorite, adding wheelbarrows full of country or shabby chic charm to your holidays. To create this wreath, stretch a couple of 11” long pieces of lace across your embroidery hoop to cover completely. Cut the remaining roll of lace into six equal pieces, each measuring around 4 feet long. Loop each piece into an 8” circle, then tie off the center with a piece of string. Fluff the loops on either end into a flower or bow form. TIP: Tie these off with knots, allowing the ends of the strings to hang loose. Thread these string ends through the stretched lace around the perimeter of the hoop. Continue until all six loopy bows are attached. Then weave two strands of Moon Lights

Shabby Glam Wreath

Items you'll need:

  • • One length of Ivory Organza Sheet
  • • Four packs of Gold Votive Wrap Embracers
  • • One strand of Warm White LED Star String Lights

 We’ve coined a new term for this beauty: Shabby Glam! Here’s how to make it: slide all eight of the elastic mesh gold wraps over one end of your organza sheet. Once they’re all on, pull your organza into a circle (you choose the size) by doubling it up. When you’ve selected your desired size, take one end of the sheet, and begin pulling it, again, through all eight gold wraps. TIP: Allow a bit of each end of the sheet to hang loose for a lovely draped effect at the base of the wreath. Evenly distribute the wraps around the wreath, straightening them as you go. When this step is complete, all you need to do is wrap the string lights around the wreath. Easy peasy. Tuck the battery pack into whichever elastic wrap it falls nearest to, and you’re done!

Flameless Candle and Twine Wreath

Items you'll need:

  • • One roll of bendable Jute Twine
  • • One pack of Burlap Flower Picks
  • • One pack of Burlap Roses
  • • One Flameless Taper Candle

 This understated beauty is one of our favorites, incorporating a traditional candle motif into your holiday décor. TIP: Do not use a real candle in the construction of this wreath! The first step is to unroll the ball of twine, and shape it into a round…don’t worry about uniformity or braided patterns--the loose weave is part of the charm! Next, secure a candle into the base, as shown, nestling it between strips of twine. All that’s left is to arrange burlap flowers around the candle as you like, and it’s ready to hang.

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