3 Easy DIY Mason Jar Light Ideas

The other day I picked up a few Mason Jar Fairy Lights from our site. Mason Jars have become popular décor accessories of late, especially when it comes to lighting. Their decorative uses are many: you’ll find them as table centerpieces, as wedding décor, hanging as pendant lamps and more. 

1. Rustic Mason Jar Pendant Lights

I’m a big fan of rustic décor; my dream is to build a small house in the style of 1920s architecture. Perfect for houses of this era, and newer houses too, incorporating rustic Mason Jar pendant lights into your home can really accent your décor in a manner far beyond standard lighting. They offer unique style that screams vintage, antique and DIY.

Below, Sarah shows how easy it is to assemble our Mason Jar Pendant Lights:

2. Elegant Hanging Mason Jar Lights

Another great way to decorate with Mason Jar Lights is to pair them with shepherd hooks or stanchions and hang them at an outdoor event. Using a little vase filler and a battery powered candle can add an elegant, mystical atmosphere to your decor. In the video below, Sarah demonstrates the simplicity of putting together this type of decoration:

3. Sparkly Mason Jar Fairy Light Decor

Great for centerpieces or as around-the-house DIY décor, Mason Jar Fairy Lights can add a sparkle to a variety of home décor styles. Paired with the proper items, they can make your table centerpieces sparkle. They also work well in the vintage-style home as a DIY light or as a sparkly addition to weddings and events.

I snapped the picture below after setting up one of our Mason Jar Fairy Lights. 

More DIY Mason Jar Ideas

Here, Sarah shows us a variety of other ways you can use mason jars to accent your home décor, as well as complement your special event or wedding.

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