2018 Summer Wedding Trends

2018 Summer Wedding Trends

It’s time to say goodbye to the tried and true trends that have been ruling over the last several wedding seasons. We are seeing a shift from the pastel color palettes and more rustic themed weddings as brides are opting for a more sophisticated and edgy theme for their weddings. 

Everything about the modern wedding is changing, and while there are vintage-inspired statements and traditions that are being held onto tightly, many wedding traditions are being thrown to the curb to make way for a new, edgier bride. 

This season will be defined as ‘New Aged Bohemian’ according to Weddingwire.com. Gone are the days of perfect color palettes and paint chips. The 2018 couple is more likely to have a theme and a general guideline on their color schemes.

Colors - Bolds Accented by Neutrals

Pantone’s 2018 color of the year is Ultra Violet, and this will likely result in many shades of purple with neutral accents.Choosing one statement color with a neutral color and one accent color will likely overshadow the 4-5 color schemed trends of the last 2 years. 
Continuing with the more sophisticated trend, we will see colors such as burgundy and slate blue make their way into the spotlight with accents like peach, ivory, or black; greenery will also continue to be used as an accent to almost any color scheme out there and will round out the whole look and feel of things to give you that “boho chic” vibe. Gold and copper have been rising for the last few seasons and will continue to do so but we will also see a rise in silver and chrome.

Venues - Indoor & Industrial

This year we expect to see a rise in indoor wedding venues and couples will look into unique spaces that they can customize or have a special meaning. Industrial spaces will be the hottest trend of this year; this is a great way to get a high end feel while still being able to customize the space for you and your specific vision. And don’t forget that an indoor venue will prevent any mishaps or stress from the elements!

Decor - Boho Chic & Greenery

Trends for décor are also following the New Age Bohemian trend; think macramé, crystals, and greenery, mixed with chic fabric and lights. 

Mixing a lace or doily-like fabric over your table linens with a mercury glass vase filled with greenery, surrounded with vines, leaves, berries, crystals, and your table settings creates an effortlessly pulled together look. 

Glass vases in assorted sizes with a sprig of greenery or a flower incorporated from your bouquet on your tables with a simple candle and votive alongside your tableware creates a simpler and more timeless look. 

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Entertainment - Diverse & Unique

Wedding entertainment is very important to the modern and trendy couple. Having multiple forms of entertainment throughout the evening is a great way to ensure that you and your guest have a memorable experience! Caricature artists, astrologists, magicians, and a big band or classic swing band are all going to be seen at weddings this year.  

Florals - Wreaths & Hoops

The biggest trend this year for florals is wreaths and hoops. Brides are opting for their bridesmaids to carry simple floral hoops rather than a traditional bouquet. We will also see small wreaths used for boutonnières, hoops and wreaths in assorted sizes used as hanging décor and even large wreaths of greenery and/or florals used in place of an arch or arbor at the altar. Moss and foraging for your flowers will rise this season, by giving your florist a color guideline and style that you like you can ask them to forage for many of your flowers and have a completely unique and beautifully “undone” bouquet or arrangement. Moss will start to become the new greenery over the next few seasons and trendy brides this year will incorporate moss in ways such as a statement wall behind the altar or as a backdrop for their photobooth, as a table-runner down the center of the tables, or even as a statement piece cut into the couple’s initials leading into the reception area.


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We will continue to see succulents used as a statement piece in floral arrangements, bouquets, and boutonnieres, as well as to create beautiful, earthy-like centerpieces and décor for tables, the altar, and as nameplates/favors for guests. Baby’s breath will also continue to rise in popularity this season, but we will see a shift from the rustic, burlap and twine bouquets of the last few seasons and will start to see bouquets with baby’s breath mixed with succulents, greenery, poppies, or even lavender. 

Statement pieces in your bouquet is also very popular at the moment, think Anthuriums, Protea, and Dahlias. Brides are also adding subtle unique style to their bouquets and floral arrangements like giving a tribute to their honeymoon location by adding in flowers native to that location, having their bouquets in many shades of one color, and even by wearing their flowers as a necklace, a wristlet, or tiara rather than carrying a bouquet. 
Color combinations that have previously been overlooked will make a statement this year such as vintage red and peach, apricot orange and butter yellow, or lavender and lilac.

Couples are make their own traditions in 2018 and are shifting the structure of their weddings by mixing up their bridal parties, it is becoming more frequent to have “brides-men” and “grooms-women”. Another area that is being restructured is the flower girl. Couples are choosing to honor the women in their lives by having flower-grandma’s or flower-aunts etc. 
Continuing to honor the important people in their lives, we will see brides doing a first-look with fathers, grandparents, siblings, and in-laws in addition to their soon-to-be spouse. 

And finally, garment trends for this year will include a nod to the royal wedding with simple dresses and sleeves rising in popularity. On the other hand, bridesmaids are getting a wedding makeover and will be seen wearing pants or jumpsuits next to their bride. 
Velvet will be the must-have fabric for attire this year, for bridesmaids or groomsmen. 
Grooms and groomsmen are opting for fun colored suits such as slate blue or burgundy with a floral tie or bow-tie and a very simple boutonnière. 

With a general “anything goes” vibe, this is going to be the year that we see new and inventive ways to hold onto traditions, create new ones, and give your guests a wedding they won’t soon forget! 

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