10 Things You Can Do with String Lights for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time of year. The crispness of fall is already in the air, while the chill of winter has not yet taken full hold. There is much to be thankful for. The very act of taking time to slow down and notice all of what we have in our lives to be grateful for seems to lift our spirits as if each gracious thought or word is a spark of light that brightens with a warm, reassuring glow. All it takes is a tiny, whimsical string of lights. 

Inspire an atmosphere of thankfulness with your décor by choosing from these ten ways you can decorate with String lights for Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns aren’t just for warm, summer nights. Switch the bright, white paper with orange pumpkin shapes emitting a warm, soft glow to bring that free-floating soft glow that fills up the sky like fireflies into your fall décor. Subtly lit from the inside, accent any room with this uplifting fall treat for your indoor decorations.

Lit Pumpkin Topiaries

For outdoor decorations, use real or light-weight carve-able Styrofoam pumpkins to make a stacked topiary with lights strung through the inside to light up the carved-out design. Or, line up pumpkins and gourds on your porch that have been cleaned out and ready for a string of lights to shine through tiny, pre-drilled holes.

Find this Lit Pumpkin Topiaries project at http://www.janis-allthingsbeautiful.com/2012/09/diy-fall-porch-pumpkin-topiary.html

Thankful Glass Blocks

Beautifully written words on a glass block speaks volumes. When words like “Autumn,” “Leaves,” or “Thankful” are etched onto these decorative blocks of glass, all that is needed to accent your message is a warm subtle glow that is created with a string of lights shining from inside or artistically wrapped around the outside and displayed carefully on an entryway table or stand. Provide instant fall ambiance when you use red, yellow, or orange bulbs or globe lights pre-strung on a brown or black wire. 

Find this Fall Lights project athttp://blog.louielighting.com/festive-fall-lighting-ideas/


Fall Lights

Who says you have to wait till Christmas to bring out the string of outdoor lights? Instead of lighting up boughs of holly, string the tiny clear globes around your favorite tree to show off the brilliant leaves in their Autumn-ready hues. Or, create your own Thanksgiving tree inside.

Find this Thanksgiving Under Glass project at https://www.lilblueboo.com/?s=jar+lights


Thanksgiving Under Glass

Capture the warm glow of the season inside a clear, glass container. Pine cones or other rustic pieces of nature with colors of fall emit a grateful feel as they form a fantastic backdrop for sprinkles of light to shine on as if dancing with expressive joy through the transparent enclosure.


Find this Textures of Contrast project athttps://www.mantiseyes.com/outdoor-light-up-pumpkins.html


Textures of Contrast

Rough textures like burlap or rattan form a wonderful contrast to hints of light for accenting the rustic feel. One of the easiest, yet most eye-catching designs, consist of carefully set hay bales with pumpkins centered on top and a strip of burlap woven throughout. Display a simple burlap bag filled with lights emitting their shine from the inside out and surrounded by pumpkins, gourds, leaves, or hay. Or, accent pumpkin-shaped rattan with a string of miniature lights on a black or brown wire.

Find this Grateful Glass Lanterns project at https://www.kreativk.net/5-minute-fairy-lights-lantern-decor/

Grateful Glass Lantern

The classic shape of an old-style lantern is interesting in and of itself, once carried by night watchmen with a lit candle inside to illuminate the darkness. Tap into this time-tested tradition by adding a miniature battery lit-up scene inside a glass lantern that will attract the attention of everyone who sees it. Or, select a metal lantern with pre-drilled holes to fill with fall-colored lights.

Find this Leaf Wreath project at http://www.uncommondesignsonline.com/10-minute-fall-leaf-wreath/

 Leaf Wreath

Light up a wreath made of silk leaves in a brilliant display of fall colors. Or, place small lights around tiny pumpkins to form a Thanksgiving wreath that will brighten your front door to welcome grateful guests.

Mantle Display

In a few short weeks, the fireplace will be welcoming stockings hung with care. For now, usher in an atmosphere of thanks with leaves or small branches scattered atop the mantle and small lights interspersed with the subtleties of gratitude.


      Find this Mantle Display project at http://adventuresindecorating1.blogspot.com/search?q=fall+mantle

Cornucopia of Thanks

Traditionally, families placed a cornucopia as a table centerpiece for the Thanksgiving meal made up of real fruits of the harvest. Why not keep this grateful tradition alive by creating your own cornucopia design accented with a hint of light strung and woven throughout.


Find this Cornucopia of Thanks project at

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