10 Halloween Uses for String Lights

10 Halloween Uses for String Lights Halloween is just around the corner! From the candy to the costumes, this time of year is a favorite among adults and children alike.  One of the best parts of the Halloween time is the creative decorations. While your neighbors will expect some frightening displays, you don’t have to be scared about creating Halloween décor. To calm the worries and inspire the creative mind, use the best multipurpose item for holiday décor: string lights.  With these 10 creative uses for fairy lights, this Halloween season is sure to be a blast!

1. DIY Stranger Things Wall Decoration

If you have the space to fill, use some decorating ideas from the popular show Stranger Things. This Halloween decoration will be the topic of conversation, especially for fans of the series. 

2. DIY Stranger Things Pumpkin 

If you don’t have the space to dedicate an entire wall as a tribute to Stranger Things, a decorated pumpkin will be just as impressive for Halloween décor. Try these multicolor fairy lights out.

3. Halloween Spider Light Centerpiece

These eight-legged lantern ideas are simple and creative.  Cotton balls fill glass jars to make “webs” and hide the wires and battery packs of the lights.  

4. DIY Crystal Ball 

A fishbowl or vase with a spooky skull inside will make for a scary centerpiece.  And add in some fairy lightsso it shines bright in the dark.

 5. DIY Origami Halloween Lights

These cute origami lights are perfect for adding a little extra Halloween spirit to your home, office, or party. Plus, once you learn how to fold them, you can share the skill with others. Try these twinkling lights for a fun effect.

6. DIY Autumn Leaf Fairy Lights

If you find origami is just not for you, these leaves added to string lights create a comforting autumn addition to any room. 

7. DIY Fairy Lanterns 

Lanterns and Halloween go hand in hand, which is why we can’t get enough of them! The fun part of fairy lanterns is the freedom you have to use any desired glass bottle. The variety makes it easy to match the lanterns to the rest of your décor. 

 8. Ping Pong Ball Ghost Lights

These little ghost lights are nothing to fear. All you need are string lights, ping pong balls, a marker, and some white mesh fabric.

9. Milk Carton Halloween Lanterns

DIY lanterns are a simple and ecofriendly craft to add to your Halloween decorations. Start collecting your empty carton to recycle them for this spooky project. And don’t forget the battery-operated fairy lights!

10. Orange String Lights for DIY Outdoor Decor

There is something about orange lights against the black sky that screams Halloween! Fill your yard, door, windows, trees, and practically any item in or outside your house with orange fairly light for an easy decorating makeover. 

Get the season started, and create some of these incredible decoration for your home with string lights for your Halloween décor.


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